10 ways to celebrate 2020 Easter at home

10 ways to celebrate 2020 Easter at home just the way you celebrated it outside

When you can’t go out for Easter bring it in! There are more than 10 ways you can celebrate Easter 2020 indoors but let us walk you through our TOP 10 ways

Pre- Plan for the Big Day

Pre- planning has always played a vital role. Not only so that the event goes well but also because it gets everyone excited for the event. Let it be outdoors or indoors people need a little boost, so give it to them. As the lady of the house this comes on your shoulders. Involve everyone in your family to play a part. Let the kids, siblings decide on a worship playlist for the day of Easter. Let your husband or Father; find the in stock decoration from the attic. You sit down and make a list of what dishes are going to be laid at the table that day, which brings us to our next point.

Make a legacy recipe

Every family has a legacy, generation recipe – find it, prepare for it and on Easter make it. If you are like one my friend, Melissa who does not have a so-called “Legacy Recipe” 2020 Easter is your time. Make a new recipe for Easter and name it behind your legacy. It is a fun activity. Don’t forget to share it with us on our social media page with #sharethelegacy

Pray as a family

There are times we skip this, now is the time to stand as a family. DO THAT. Remember family that prays together stays together.

Send Easter Cards

Make the kids at home make handmade cards with new ideas. Let creativity expand its hands to outreach for something that is going to touch Grandpa’s heart who lives, miles away. Scan them, mail them, click them and send but do send it out. Get in touch; it is Easter girls we need to feel it.

Go ahead wear the Easter Dress

I know, most of your girls out there don’t feel like getting dressed, as you know you wont be going out this year, but its Easter! If you want to feel Easter – dress for it. There are a lot of women online fashion stores that are delivering like London Rag, visit their site buy something nice and doll-up for Easter. Never loose out on small happy moments because these are the ones you would cherish lifelong.

Give an offering

What could be better than taking a leap of faith by putting your money at the right place? Due to COVID19 a lot of communities have faced crises. Now is the right time to make your contribution right and what better than the month of Easter. Donate to an NGO or a government run organization who are working day in and out to make this situation easier to pass. Trust us, you will feel great.

Schedule a virtual hangout with friends and family

Thanks to technology this lockdown is not going to take everything from us. We still have services, apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Houseparty, Skype and all time favorite face time to keep us together through tough times. Get your extended family on video chat and share a laugh. There are a lot of problems out there we need to find a smile indoors.

Teach and Learn something

As we are reaching day 15th of lockdown soon, we have been spending time with our family and friends indoors. We have got to know them! We are sure you can exchange teaching and learning in multiple ways. Teach your brother how to play the guitar and learn how to paint from him. Let your mother teach you the trick of mix and match from her old closet and you teach her how to smartly shop online.

Have a sit down Easter Dinner

Oh yes! Finally the day has come that everyone is at home and what better than Easter to have a sit down dinner with the entire family. Decorate the dinning area, have the Easter eggs ready on the table, say grace and share stories on the table. Dress up for the dinner, make it worthwhile!

Shop something online for ongoing Easter sale

There are great online shopping sale across brands make the most of it. The highest bid is for Easter grab the offer when there is a chance. For women clothing and shoes London Rag has its Easter sales dates out 9th – 13th April with 50% off on all products.

Happy Easter