6 Tricks To Make Your High Heels Pain Free

Every woman’s dream is to have a shoe rack in a size of a Godzilla. That rack should be filled with loads of high heels. Animal print, black heels, sparklers, blood red heels, and the list goes on and on. But is it easy to manage that 5inch heel on an everyday basis?

Here are top 6 tricks, after a regress trial and error for a month.

  1. When it comes to high heel sandals the biggest issue is the pressure on your third and fourth toe. Easy peezy! Use tape to hold all the toes together firmly. This will give you a good grip and at the same time some room to breathe towards the front.
  2. Don’t wear heels when you travel. The secret of the girl you have been envying at work, on how can she wear those 5 inches day in and out. Well, she does not. While you travel to work wear your flatforms or other comfort shoes. As soon as you about to step in change your footwear and step into the high heel shoes. Stand less throughout the day, walk less in the office and you will be just fine.
  3. Heeled sandals are sexy! But not when you are covered with blisters. Avoid buying pointed high heels every time. Nowadays, you get great options in wide fit and round toes too. Try switching to them off and on. They are great showstoppers too.
  4. Use the ice therapy before stepping into those new black heels you bought. All you need to do is get a zip lock bag, fill it up with water and place it in the heeled sandals. Then freeze the sandals for 8-10hrs. Water expands when freezes, we going to use these physics in our favor today. Once you take the shoe outlet the ice thaw out. Once it’s easy to pull out the bag, do so. There you go, your wide fit heeled sandals are ready for a pain-free walk.
  5. Not every shoe can be used in ice therapy, then what does one do? Use heat instead. If you have a PU or Leather sandals use light heat therapy. Wear woolen thick socks and use your hair dryer to blow out some heat on the shoe material. Due to heat, the material will soften up a bit and it would give you the desired comfort.
  6. Rest your feet out! Every day when you wear those high heel shoes come back home and elevate your feet in at least at 25 degrees for half an hour. This will help the nerves to relax and the blood flow to stabilize. Your feet would be ready for a brand new day again.

Drop your reviews and feedback after trying these tricks. They have worked wonders for our friends but we would love to know what our readers have to say.

With these tricks, you do not have to loose out on your love for heeled sandals EVER!!