A Last-minute Gift Guide 2020 – London Rag Style

This holiday season, London Rag offers you a gift guide that not only will guarantee a smile on gal pals’ faces but also a full and giving heart. It is important to note that the thought matters more than the gift. If you don’t think so, let this gift guide “guide” you to think otherwise.

  1. Something Practical
  2. During the holidays, we tend to overlook gift-giving in a practical sense. Let say the person your gifting is environmentally friendly – a suggestion would be to gift them items from your local zero waste store. Not only are you gifting them something that reminders them to be eco-conscious but to also encourage zero waste living in general. There must be a brick-and-mortar zero waste establishment locally, if not, there are always online options.

  3. Something Personalized
  4. Thinking about gift-giving in this aspect requires you to recall what the person’s favorite day-to-day activities. Say for example they like listening to music, in an almost excessive manner, you can gift them a year-long subscription a music streaming service. Another example would be to gift them a coffee table book of a topic they are passionate about.

  5. Let Your Presence Be The Present
  6. This year came along with a handful of unprecedented events that makes the moments we have together with our loved ones the more special. If this hadn’t come to mind yet, you can be the gift to your family and friends! In the best, non-narcissistic way, give your family or friend a call and spend time with them this holiday season. Distance shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to bond.

Yes, our online store has the deals that fit your gift shopping needs yet we also have these 3 “P” pointers for you to alleviate the gift-giving and -buying stress in this holiday season. Hopefully this prompts you to really consolidate how much your gift could matter and even reconnect you with the person you’re gifting.

Happy holidays from the London Rag team