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Activewear Is All You Need To Live And Thrive In 2020


What better motivation to become more active for the rest of 2020 than London Rag’s activewear line! We believe buying the right clothes is the easiest step to get yourself excited towards living healthier. With our variety of 2-piece activewear sets , you won’t need to wait until 2021’s New Year’s make a resolution restart a healthy lifestyle.

Benefit from prioritizing health everyday

Truly nothing beats exercise to start your day ready and afresh. Jump into your favorite sports bra and tights sets and get a rush for a quick sweat – either from a brisk walk or a simple-to-follow workout video. Becoming health-conscious doesn’t require a lot – just some positive attitude and comfortable clothes.
Get an energy boost, feel ready to conquer the day’s tasks with a quick morning sweat.
Nothing says more productive than getting your workout in to start your day. Becoming health-conscious doesn’t require a lot – just a positive attitude and a comfortable sports bra and tight set.
Get you going. Let’s not forget that exercise has its many benefits not only to your outward appearance, but to your inner Either way, regular exercise will not only tone your body but
There is definitely strength in numbers – obviously with necessary safety precautions,

Let your clothes inspire your day

Let clothes be a positive reinforcement towards your day, and even make you feel more adventurous. In your new activewear sets, sky’s the limit to what you can do. Go on a hike, take your dog for a walk, meditate – whatever you do, we ensure you’ll feel the most comfortable with quality and elasticity of our activewear materials.

Don’t aim for the waist-line lifestyle

As the saying goes, “It’s about the journey, not the destination”. Despite having a weight goal or waist-line size as a goal and motivator for your lifestyle change, remind yourself that a healthy lifestyle, and NOT a number on the scale, is fundamental to our well-being. Do something light and brisk - but most importantly, look and feel good while exercising.

Immunity up through a meet up

The more isolated we are from one, the more cautious we ought to be of our health. Get some quality time while working out – schedule a workout date with friends through zoom, going on a hike, or if your city allows you, down at the park.You’ll see yourself happier and healthier in no time.

Dress it up or down

Simply because the name of the clothing says “active”, doesn’t mean you can wear it lounging around at home. London Rag presents to your great comfort, style and quality in our activewear. So even you’re running errands, doing house chores and having lax day with family at home – your activewear is here for you.

Don’t miss out on our colorful and irresistibly comfortable activewear sets!

Activewear Is All You Need To Live And Thrive In 2020 |