Are Flats the New Heels? Here Are 3 Reasons Why They Are

While there is surely a time and occasion for heels, they are not the only shoes that can help you look sexy and confident. Sure, there was a time when heels were treated as the quintessential symbol of a woman’s step into adulthood. They were a crucial element of the boss girl wardrobe. But let’s be honest. Heels are not the most comfortable of footwear. And that is why flats are becoming increasingly popular and are being seen as a chic alternative to sky high heels. They are a great way to accentuate your unique personal style and can make a real statement unlike the traditional pointy toe pumps. Here are some reasons why you need a few of them in your shoe closet:

  1. They are super comfortable

    Who doesn’t want to look cute and feel comfortable at the same time? You can easily wear a pair of flats for the entire day without being taken over by the terrible urge to open them and throw them away. You can stand and walk around for long hours, without experiencing any pain or discomfort. And trust us, once you get comfortable in your flats, chances are you may not want to go back to heels.

  2. They are versatile

    You can pair your flats with different outfits for different occasions. Whether it is work, a lunch with the girls or a date night with your beau, there is no outfit that cannot be worn with flats. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants and even suits – the options the endless.

  3. You can wear them anywhere you want

    Unlike heels that come with a long list of cautionary tales, like “don’t walk on grass” or “don’t go out in the rain”, flats allow you the freedom to wear them anywhere you want. Heading out to the beach? Slip into your strappy flats. Going out on a rainy day? Wear your flats without worrying about slipping and breaking an ankle. Unless an occasion demands that you wear heels, flats can be your go-to footwear every day.

Isn’t it time you ditched the heels and embraced the stylish comfort of your favorite flats?

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