Back and Better: Baddie Edition

Back and Better: Baddie Edition

Let’s see them hands up if you have ever had the desire to dress like a baddie. Now move them from left to right and dance because, as a tribute to the one and only Pop Smoke, ‘shorty a lil' baddie, shorty my lil' boo thing’ . The effortlessly chic yet stylishly streetwear baddie aesthetic is here to stay, and with its increase in popularity, London Rag thought it best to get you equipped with the requisite clothing…

With all these trends and styles constantly changing and circulating, you may be a little lost on what exactly is the ‘baddie vibe’. Well, this generally involves sporty or street-style outfits, complemented by daring and dashing accessories, and finished with some glam makeup. But this is only the beginning: once the bold basis is established, it is made one’s own according to their unique identity however they feel comfortable.

The following 20 looks are here to help you find your basis, upon which you can distinctively bring the aesthetic to life. Ranging from relaxed rigs to fancy ‘fits, these styles are guaranteed to channel your inner baddie. Just make sure you don’t ‘be catching mood swings’ while you’re at it (wink, wink).

1. The Bold Skirts.

Bold and bright coloured skirts are the statement pieces of a typical baddie aesthetic. They emit that daring spirit that this vibe is all about. If you’re feeling even more venturous, match the skirt with its corresponding jacket and watch how all those heads turn instantly…

2. The Crop Top: Tied.

Keep it funky with these tie-up crop tops. Go ahead and accentuate the look by putting on some sequenced jewellery or a patterned pair of sneakers.

3. The Buckle Belt Pants.

Brace yourselves because this look is bold in all its features: bottoms, buckles, and belts. Finish the look off by matching these babies with a cropped top and some high tops.

4. The Bold Bow Bow Bra.

It’s no secret that the fashion spotlight is currently on denim. So one-up on the trend by purchasing this darling denim bra top. Go all out and wear this look with some high-waisted denim bottoms.

5. The Stylish Sweater.

Quick tip: anything oversized can be made into the baddie aesthetic – and these pullover sweaters are here to prove it. Pair this with some biker shorts and you’ll have a power, baddie look like no other.

6. The Mom Jeans.

Now all the previous outfits have been more outgoing. But if you’re in search of a look that’s a little more laidback yet does not require you to sacrifice your baddie aesthetic, then mom jeans are your go-tos.

7. The Tank Top: Tied.

The iconic ensemble composed of a tied-up tank top and some high waisted pants is exactly what you need to fully encapsulate your inner baddie. Ready to spice it up? Add on a bold belt and strap on your favourite heels.

8. The One-Liner Tee.

Own it with a one-liner tee-shirt. Its ability to be paired with multiple bottoms – skater skirts, long pants, denim overalls – make this top just one the many reasons why its acclaimed to be perfect baddie fashion.

9. The Crop Top: Long-Sleeved.

Who says you can only be a baddie on the streets? Moving it back to the desk, nothing screams ‘boss’ better than this long-sleeved crop top. Get on your complementing boss-vibe heels and you’ve nailed the aesthetic.

10. The Denim Shorts.

For those looking for an easier way to put together a baddie outfit without trying too much or exerting too much energy, then do we have the solution for you. All you need is a pair of these loose denim shorts, a chic body suit and some high-top sneakers!

11. The Matching Set.

Let’s be honest, this is probably the outfit that everyone has been eagerly waiting to be featured, and rightfully so. The matching set is one of the biggest trends in fashion, striking the perfect balance between being a girly chic and a boss-like baddie.

12. The Colour-Block Skirt.

While this may seem hard to pair, the colour-block skirt only needs a plain crop top, and a scarf wrapped around the top of your hair in order to satisfy the baddie aesthetic.

13. The Skater Skirt.

Highlight your chicness with skater skirts whilst still possessing the baddie spirit. There are two ways to further dress this look: wear it with a cropped sweatshirt and sneakers or go for a cute tank and high heels – either way, the baddie fashionistas will definitely approve.

14. The Leather.

If there existed a fashion dictionary and one was to search up ‘baddie aesthetic’, leather would be the definite pop up. Because leather radiates an alluring, mysterious, and daring aurora, it can easily be seen as the epitome of the baddie vibe.

15. The Jeans: Wide-Leg.

We went through mom jeans for a more casual feel, but let’s now visit wide-legged pairs of jeans because this piece coupled with a simple black tank really guarantees a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe.

16. The Velvet Tracks.

The ‘back and better’ phrase goes fittingly well with velour tracksuits for are they back and better than ever, girl. This old-but-gold look has proven to be timeless. With a white tube top and some neutral-coloured sneakers, this ensemble is certain to catch stares.

17. The Dress: Spaghetti.

We’re entering the family of dresses, and to kick it off, we’re starting with this bright and bold spaghetti dress. Perfect for both your date night and your girls’ night, this look will never go out of style.

18. The Dress: Velvet.

If you thought velvet couldn’t get any more appealing, get ready to be proven wrong because this sexy velvet dress just about redefines ‘stunning’ – and you’ll be catching that baddie vibe whilst wearing it!

19. The Dress: Wrap.

The last dress to be noted as a baddie-approved look is this ultimate wrap dress. Feel free to incorporate some jewels to bring some shine. But, regardless, this outfit screams ‘baddie’.

20. The Denim: Black.

We cannot form a list of baddie outfits and not include the infamous black denim. Arguably the origin of this vibe, black denim is a casual but dashing fashion piece that goes well with just about anything!

We cannot form a list of baddie outfits and not include the infamous black denim. Arguably the origin of this vibe, black denim is a casual but dashing fashion piece that goes well with just about anything!