Clacking Away In London Rag Footwear

Clacking Away In London Rag Footwear

Fashion is a big part of our day-to-day routine consciously, or unconsciously. Our choice of clothing says a lot about our moods, personality, and preferences, and is also the first impression we make on people. For some people, fashion is a chore and is nothing more than just some clothes to wear, while some indulge and invest money and time in order to look and feel their best through the expression of styling. Now, everyone has different outfits for different occasions. We all like to dress a little better for a fancy functions like weddings, parties, and social outings. And we all know that footwear can really change the whole perspective and aesthetic of an outfit.

Over the years we have witnessed the evolution and redefinition of what fashion and design are. We see many varied designs and styles that have been invented in every era and changed the whole game of fashion. Breaking the norms and conventional ways of design and challenging design with each new product made. We see designs with amalgamations of two different styles brought into one such as platform sandals and boots, stilettos on sneakers, strappy platform sandals and flats which are now called flatforms, and many more such inventions which are quirky, fun and look extremely stylish!

Now even though we break norms by wearing sneakers to a black-tie event and stilettos to go for grocery runs, some people still do things the classic way, and some places still have dress codes. But there are still too many options in terms of variations in the same style to pick from. To make it easier for you to pick footwear for occasions, we are here to give you some insights and options for you to dress your best self for every occasion and not go into a mental breakdown picking the right shoe. We have broken down all heel types so you can choose your mood and dress for the outing accordingly. So, read on for our take on footwear for every fit!

Stilettos are sexy, fun, and classy, and look exceptionally good paired with dresses, skirts, and trousers. They are the perfect element to amp up an outfit and make it fancy and look luxurious. Stilettos will never let you down when it comes to looking your best, they are painful, yes, but look exceptionally good and are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. If you want to go all out and embrace the maximalist world, you can also opt for the trendy strappy platform sandals which are taking the fashion industry by a storm. London Rag has a plethora of variations to match your outfits and preference. From minimalist styles to over-the-top jazzy heels, there is a pair for everyone!

Spool heels were popularized somewhere in the 1800s in Europe, and we completely understand the hype. The unconventional and quirky nature of the hourglass heel definitely sets it apart in terms of visual aesthetics. And today we see many variations of the heels in short and high heel sandals as well. Their fun and quirky element adds a bit of liveliness to an outfit and refreshes a whole look. These are great for casual outings paired with mini dresses, skirts, and even jeans, but styled with formal wear they instantly break the monotony of simplicity and seriousness.

We have all heard the phrase, “Fashion and beauty is pain.”, and we are here to challenge it. Bock heels are severely underrated, and we are here to show you that you do not need only tall, sky-high heels to look fancy and fashionable. Block heels are ideal for when you want just a slight elevation and want to stand out, but still be relaxed and look chic. And as London Rag’s footwear has soft cushion innersole, makes them absolutely easy and comfortable to wear. There are basic, classic, and timeless designs, as well as unconventional, quirky, and over-the-top styles that are about going all out. It’s luxury with comfort and that’s the best deal out there. Block heels are conventionally ideal for casual outings with friends or family dinners but the new styles could also be worn for fancy occasions as well.

We all believe that flats are the most comfortable and easiest to wear, but that is not always true. London Rag’s footwear has a cushioned insole that offers comfort to the feet and cuts strain. This makes footwear the go-to pair for casual outings. The twist here is though that London Rag now has a variety of styles and designs with golden and diamante embellishments, fur flat slides, flatform sandals, gladiator flats, and many more designs that are sure to amp up your outfits. Flats have now evolved from being basic daily wear to fancy and classy styles. To the point that they can also be worn for fancy occasions when you want to be comfortable yet look like a fashionista.

So, what are you waiting for? Head onto London Rag to check out some new as well as timeless classics to match your outfits and add that cherry on top of perfect footwear to complete the look!