Color Check For All Navratri Outfits!

Color Check For All Navratri Outfits!

The festive season has started and we can’t get enough of the joyous and loving atmosphere all around! After two long years of quarantine, people have been excited for the festive season so they can let loose, gather around and have a jolly time with their loved ones. Navratri is a nine-day festival about colors, fun, and dancing. Colorful clothes, oxidized jewelry, dramatic make-up, and big smiles sum up the vibe of Navratri! The almighty goddess that we pray to, seek blessings from, and dance in her glory.

Navratri is incomplete without the color representation of each day which has almost everyone giddy about dressing up for those nine days. Be it any kind of outing, you need something that is relevant to the color of the day, and to make it easy on you, London Rag has sole categories for every color for each day which makes it convenient for you to keep up and follow the given color theme. And that’s not it! We have exclusive offers just for Navratri colour and they are too good to resist! 25% off valid from 15th September 2022 to 4th October 2022, just use code NAV25 to avail! Read on to know how we are styling with London Rag this Navratri!

Day One: White

Peaceful beginnings to the joyous celebrations of the festival, white is symbolic to peace and calm. White being a versatile color gives us a lot to experiment with. We all own at least one white article and with so many trendy silhouettes on you will definitely be as per the memo. We have blouses with gorgeous embroidery work and even plain casual tops, depending on your preference, you can wear them with jeans or pants! A simple but beautiful beginning to a cheerful festive season!

Day Two: Red

The fierce color exhibits a sense of fierceness and boldness which is alluring at the same time. You can wear the color as an accent part of your Navratri outfits, especially indo western outfits where you can wear a nice sweater or top to be on the theme or wear accessories to be a subtle part of it! Many more products on!

Day Three: Blue

The color blue has a charm like no other, it’s a calm yet lively hue that instantly brightens up an outfit. A lovely floral top or Kurti paired with some mojris or kolhapuris would look absolutely sublime! You can decide on how much of the color you want to wear, and London Rag has an array of different designs, silhouettes, and even accessories for however you may want to dress!

Day Four: Yellow

Yellow is a color that is bright and joyous and looks exceptionally good in small amounts as it’s impactful and makes a more distinctive impression then. London Rag has many varied options in color for you to feel your best in your Navratri look. Especially in footwear, there are eccentric styles that are sure to turn heads and start conversations with their fashionable and eye-catchy aesthetic.

Day Five: Green

Green is a fresh color that elevates and gives a lively vibe and looks oh so good! Be it in any shade or tint, green outfits exhibit a summer and happy feeling no matter how you dress them! This Navratri, you can wear a beautiful green salwar kameez if you have it or a Kurti to feel the festivity or if you want to experiment with modern Navratri outfits, you can wear casual or western green clothing and pair it with some oxidized jewelry. The combination of the brightness of the green color and oxidized jewelry is sure to make a statement!

Day Six: Grey

The color grey is significant and refers to transformation and symbolizes strength. Grey is a color that we all have in our wardrobes and is quite versatile to style. London Rag has beautiful footwear and clothing in varied shades of grey that are sure to fit your closet in some way or the other.

Day Seven: Orange

The vibrant shade of orange is significant to happiness and energy. It is eye-catching and lively, and looks beautiful as part of the Navratri looks as it gets you in a joyous mood! London Rag has beautiful orange fashion pieces that will instantly level up your fashion fever! A small orange bag even can make quite an impression with its bright characteristic!

Day Eight: Peacock Green

Peacock green is an enriching color which looks luxurious and regal! You can find a variety of footwear and clothing on London Rag in this color to incorporate into your Navratri look for the day and look absolutely beautiful donning the navratri colour!

Day Nine: Pink

Well, we all love a good pink get-up, don't we? Beautiful, pretty, and simply adoring, the color will never disappoint in looking alluring! We have gorgeous different pink shades in clothing and accessories that are sure to suit your preferences. Navratri need not be only about ethnic wear, you can elevate your look with different accessories as well!