Crop Tops: New Basics Or Old News?

Crop Tops: New Basics Or Old News?

Crop tops have been in fashion since the 1940s in the Western world. Their popularity and acceptance are highly credited due to the fabric rationing. They have also been popular in South Asian countries and can be traced to the structure of traditional blouses or cholis worn with saris which would drape over the cropped blouses.

Till the 1970s, they stuck around as swimwear, and as the rise of paints got higher the hemlines got shorter. It could be said that shorter hemlines becoming popular in the 1960s and 1970s contributed to the overall relaxation of casual wear. Especially among high school and college students. They became casual wear around the 90s, a lot of men in Hollywood sitcoms were spotted in crop tops. As the 90s trends made their comeback in the mid-2010s, cropped tops returned with high-waisted skirts, jeans, shorts and acid-wash denim. It wasn't until 2016 that almost everything was cropped.

The trend became less popular when it counter– oversized graphic tees became a trend around 2018. This was also the time when the 90s grunge aesthetic took off. But now that y2k styles are the trend, welcoming baby tees into the mix.
Cringe is the new cool with gen z, who will wear anything from oversized shirt dresses to fitting mini skirts with crop tops.

While crop tops have new style adaptations in each decade, in the 2020s, they are ever present in every style (or aesthetic style). The TikTok lifestyle and fashion sensation- The Clean Girl aesthetic, involves wearing neutrals and solid basics to have a solid base that goes with everything. Makes us wonder if crop tops will disappear from fashion any time soon like they did in the 80s and 2000s.

  1. Classic Full Sleeve Crop Top

  2. The classic full-sleeve crop top is ideal for every weather and can be a perfect base for layering with different outerwear like jackets or sweater vests. Stand-alone, the solid crop tops are also an easy way to dress down fancier bottoms, like sequin and faux leather pants for a more casual “going out” look.

  3. Cropped Tank Top

  4. The newest trend to the essential basics. We’re not sure how long this style of tank top will be around, will they disappear off the racks as lace camis did? However, regardless of if they stay in trend or not, they are truly a good basic to have around in your wardrobe. They are perfect for summer and can be layered with shirts and hoodies during the colder months.

  5. Camisole Crop Tops

  6. Similar to the tank top trend, there are also camisole or ‘spaghetti strap” crop tops, which are incredibly popular amongst gen z, especially the ones still in school or university as they can easily be paired with any high-waist pants or sweatpants, staying comfortable while looking cute. There are also printed variations that are more common in this style of crop tops.

  7. Square Neck Crop Top

  8. We may not have escaped the “everything crop top” craze, since it’s becoming evident that everyone still prefers wearing cropped lengthed tops with their favourite high-waisted bottoms. Even people who have switched out to the low-waisted jeans and skirt trend, prefer wearing crop tops to show off their toned body. The square neckline is immensely popular for a similar reason- Vanity. Collarbones are now considered sexy and one should never miss the chance to show them off!

  9. Shirt Crop Tops

  10. Cropped shirts are summer staples, and oversized linen shirts sound good in theory. When you need more versatility and don't want your shirt turning transparent because of sweat, wear a cropped shirt. Cropped shirts are the best way to cool down fashionably! You could also invest in a more edgy and unique version of cropped shirts or like the shacket mentioned below that comes with a cutout detail on the back and features a waist drawstring for a Y2K twist on your outfit!

  11. Asymmetrical Crop Tops

  12. Asymmetrical tops are back with their chic edge that dominated a good portion of the 2000s fashion. And now you can even see them being used as a more dressed up version of regular tank tops. Since going out outfits have become more laidback since the 2010s. However, these are also great to be paired with more glammed-up bottoms like rhinestone-studded jeans, or even sequin skirts which have been steadily gaining popularity!

  13. Cropped Tops

  14. There are cropped t-shirts and hoodies but nothing beats a cropped top that pairs well with everything in your wardrobe and looks neither overdressed nor underdressed for any occasion. From workplace-friendly tops that also work in clubs with just mini skirts or heels. Transform your wardrobe and make it day-to-night friendly with these cropped tops!

  15. Cropped Blazers

  16. The two extremes of present fashion are that garments need to be shortened or oversized. That's the lore behind the popularity of the “cropped blazer”. The first few times we got introduced to this piece of phenomenal fashion

  17. Off-Shoulder Crop Tops

  18. Off-shoulder tops are undoubtedly sexy and look modest even when you're showing some extra skin. Cropped off-shoulder tops were mostly popular with skinny jeans but now have evolved more with TikTok’s coastal aesthetics like the “tomato girl” or “coastal cowgirl” looks.

  19. Cut-Out Crop Tops

  20. Cutouts are the new sexy styles, especially tops with mid-rib or strategically ripped-out outs. Some even feature intricate details that make even simple cropped tops look edgier and sleek.