Dopamine Dressing: The Power Of The Fashion Trend

Dopamine Dressing: The Power Of The Fashion Trend

Welcome to the world of fashion, where outfits mean more than just merging two (or five) clothing pieces together.

As rightly as it's said, “Fashion is more art than art is," and London Rag believes there's nothing more joyful than giving your best to look presentable when the event calls for it. Or even if it doesn't. No, we do not believe in dressing up supremacy, which includes jazzy clothing and sexy heels (sneakers, here's looking at you); most often, a minimal dress with subtle flats can do the trick.

However, there's nothing as overwhelming as waking up and reaching into your wardrobe to find clothing that doesn't sit well with the day's mood. Fortunately enough, in the world of fashion, there exists 'mood-enhancing clothing' often referred to as dopamine dressing. Sounds interesting? Read on, fellas!

Simply put, dopamine dressing is finding joy in the things you choose to wear; thus, the synonym mood enhancement dressing. From the colors you wear and the styling you do to the clothing that gives you confidence, fashion psychology is everything about the interaction between human behavior and fashion. Yes, thanks to TikTok trends and Instagram reels, neurochemistry and clothing are a thing today.

How you ask? Well, dopamine dressing or dressing for dopamine simply suggests the release of a rush of the feel-good neurotransmitter, also called "happy hormones." In fact, the connection between self-expression, mental health, and clothing isn't new. A study published by the University of Hertfordshire Press in 2012 found a strong link between clothing and mood. From bright, bold accessories to certain clothing items that hold strong, heartwarming backstories help in lifting your mood.

The Feel-Good Fashion aka Dopamine Fashion

The concept of "feel-good" fashion or dopamine fashion goes much, much beyond the traditional threads and stitches. It, in fact, dives ultra-deep into the world of the psychology of clothing combined with positive emotions. Let's say the event calls for a vibrant red outfit for a black-tie event or a Tinder date, or you can be curled up in your favorite cozy sweater for a girls' pjs night that involves lots of gossip and wine. But if you were ecstatic to slip into that red outfit or wrap yourself in that comfy sweater, your brain releases a happy hormone referred to as dopamine dressing.

But what exactly is the fuss about dopamine dressing?

Dopamine fashion has a lot to do with the mindfulness game that garnered attention post the pandemic, but fashion psychologists have actually been studying it since 2012. The study revealed that the clothing piece you choose isn't just fabric. In fact, it suggests how you think and act. Just think about it: there are positive emotions positively impacting your mental health, and there's self-expression topped with a confidence boost. Dopamine dresses or outfits are basically telling your brain, "Let's be happy!" It can literally be anything from abstract prints and subtle/bold heels to comfortable kicks.

But thanks to Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist dubbed "The Dress Doctor" by the New York Times who coined the term.

According to the Creator Management Lead of Fashion & Beauty at Pinterest, Marta Topran, the trend of feel-good fashion or dopamine dressing isn't going away anytime soon. For summers, she suggests reaching out for colorful outfits and bright colors, but if you're afraid of going all out with varied patterns, textures, or colors, begin with statement accessories. It can be a chic boho bag or a pair of black heels that can virtually complement any outfit you pick for the day.

Those who enjoy the subtlety of muted shades or pastels can feel great with minimal clothing and basic accessorizing. Those with extreme personalities who love to go all in fashion can throw on some big gold jewelry and fantasy heels. Well, and then some love coordinating their fits and believe in color psychology supremacy or monochromatic outfits despite the "brighten up" comments.

With London Rag, look into your closet for poppy colors and wanky prints—from hot pinks and oranges to bold animal-printed clothing and heels; dopamine dressing is all about making yourself feel your absolute best!