What are your first thoughts once you get up every morning? Breakfast? Workout? What to wear? for many people, it’s “What do I wear today?”. With this question coming to your head almost every day it's hard to shortlist that perfect #OOTD that looks chic and comfortable at the same time. With lots of other important things to figure out throughout the day, stressing about your #OOTD or how you look shouldn’t bump up the situation. Dressing up fastidiously is a priority for many of us but doing it with ease without creating a mob in our room is a task. Getting ready for a party or work in your desired outfit automatically lifts your mood, triggers a positive state of mind, and sets the tone for the day. When you love your outfit and also the way you look, it makes you feel beautiful and surer of yourself, which adds bounce to your walk. But if you don’t like your outfit, it surely causes you to look less confident, less happy and can ruin your day. From bookmarking your favorite fashion brand's new ins to influencer's best looks to doing a little research on the newest trends online, we all have spent hours scrolling on Instagram. Yet sometimes we are not able to be sure about what to wear given the occasion and how to slay. Well don’t worry, we've got information from top fashion trends to fashion influencers we've skimmed out the modest looks that you can slay every day without investing much time and energy. But before we get there, here’s a fast guide to picking the perfect outfit to slay.

A smart way to Choose Your Outfit of the day.

Heading out for a formal meeting or casual date, dressing up nicely is needed because who doesn’t love being all stylish and sexy!
In the end, your outfit is what speaks to everyone before you do!
A quick list of stuff you have to adhere to while choosing your outfit.
Remember, you can’t have an incredible day with a horrible outfit.

Does It Fit?

This is one of the important criteria that you simply must hinder in your mind when choosing an outfit. Many times, we wear an outfit that is way too big or too small for us, making us look more distressed and ill-dressed. It’s important to go for the right size according to your body type unless you plan to wear an oversized cardigan or a boyfriend t-shirt. Colors that go well and fit your personality are very important. Identify the colors that match your skin tone, your mood, and also the event. If you're feeling lively and blissed go for an upbeat hue and if you're feeling a little gloomy choose a color that makes you happy and lifts your mood. Colors have the power to influence your mood so together with the right fit, choosing the correct shade is vital.

Is Your Outfit Flattering?

Everyone needs to keep this one thing in mind while choosing clothes is “Are my best features being highlighted?” or “Does the outfit make your figure look good?”. And if the answer is affirmative, you go ahead with the outfit but if not then look out for an alternative that looks good on your body.

Is It Balanced?

You have to analyze that the patterns, prints, color, and also fabric all are toning when synced together. If you are feeling that something looks out of place, be it an earring or a purse, scrap it out before it messes with your look. If you decide on an oversized shirt or a t-shirt, pair it with slim-fit bottoms to stay poised.

What Does the Outfit Say About You?

Your outfit is going to speak before you do! So it's necessary to convey the right message. Select outfit according to the event, place, and time because you don’t want to be in talks for all wrong reasons. People judge one another on the idea of their outfit and dressing sense so it's better to create your impression the best one.

If you stick to these rules regularly, no one can stop you from looking forever gorgeous and stylish.

Another crucial aspect to consider while selecting your outfit is “How`s your day going to be like?”. If your day is fun and chill, you can go for something casual like a t-shirt with jeans, joggers, or shorts. But if your day is filled with business meetings and full of formal interaction, you should choose a pair of business trousers or a formal skirt with subtle shirts and a blazer. Since you're now almost a professional at choosing the perfect outfit, here are outfits that'll get you able to slay all day, every day.