Dress Like Bridgerton's Mayfair Ladies

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It has been said that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” If that should be true, then this author would like to put pen to paper and transcribe the trends that dominate the streets of Mayfair. My name is Lady Whistledown. You do not know me, and rest assured, you never shall. But be forewarned, dear reader, for I certainly know style regardless of whether it speaks or not.


Dearest reader, this author finds herself compelled to share the most fashionable of trends. It seems the newest looks are becoming somewhat of timeless inspirations.

Delicate Dresses

If there is any item of clothing that shall be deemed as the emblem of the Regency era, it would be the all-important empire waist dress worn by the many eligible ladies who seek to secure their suitor. Draping out from beneath the bust line as opposed to the ever so common natural waistline is only one of the many reasons as to why we should acclaim this silhouette. Its well-established ability to lengthen a Lady’s frame, consequentially rendering the wearer more lean and elongated has made this dress a constant. As of present, one can fairly easily shop the precious empire waist dresses in varying designs and lengths that have been modernised to suit the latest trends! London Rag revamps such dresses by designing them in the most notable pastel colours without sacrificing the classic nature of the look. A pairing of this dress with a cropped hoodie and white sneakers would appraise you as desirable for your upcoming promenade.

Bridgerton Blues:

The ton are abuzz with the latest look, and so it is my honour to impart to you one Miss Daphne Bridgerton in the now-iconic Bridgerton Blue. The illustrious debutante was seen wearing outfits in the most incomparable shades of blue, impressing not only the season’s most uncatchable rake, the Duke of Hastings, but it seems like her look has also caught the attention of Her Majesty the Queen. Since it is the Queen’s eye that matters, her most gracious remark she afforded the Bridgerton Blue certainly ensures the colour’s evermore and prominent position in the fashion realm. When wearing London Rag’s vast collection of blue-coloured clothing, one stands to emit all different tones. From innocent to daring there are outfits tailored to every possible exemplification of one’s character. The following dresses would go extremely alluringly when you swoon with grace and dignity. Just like Miss Daphne – the Diamond of the Season, dress in your Bridgerton Blues and this author shall regard you as looking like a Diamond of the First Water.

Sweeping Skirts:

In a town inundated with ambitious mamas and fortune-hunting individuals, leaving a mark on society is an art form indeed. But it seems that the forthcoming trend of sweeping skirts has unveiled to be a fashion achievement that this author must applaud. These floor-length silhouettes are bound to make a statement as their versatility gives rise to numerous looks, ranging from everyday go-to outfits to gowns for the opening ball at Danbury House. Scavenge below at the diverse options available to you provided by one of the most fashionable shops of note: London Rag. Pairing seamlessly with classic button-up blouses, this grandiose look hardly calls for further accessories. For the highest of appraisal, complete the outfit with some elegant-yet-comfortable ballet-flats – rest assured, it will attract the rakes.

Of all that I have imparted to you, dear reader, there is but one bit of wisdom you must heed most. The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. Confidence, should you have it, can make any outfit look good. As for which trends will transpire to be the talk of the next season, only two things will tell. Time, and, as always, this author.

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