Fashion in times of Social Distancing

Fashion is expression – of self to society and a reaction of how we take things around us. It has to be seen in a larger context than clothing and accessories. The Global pandemic has turned the tables and it seems fashion, influencers, trend hunters will have to take a break from the usual. As we are packed into our homes, we listen deeper, observe better and express less – this can be also the time of self-exploration. Much like Rococo spring – this might be the refreshing phase where expressionism becomes brief, directed and more meaningful. The ornamental façade may fade away – the minimalist expression might be new gain.

However, in the tangible sense – this might work opposite. Minimal architecture and exteriors bore out people and human mind struggles to find something more that interests him and keeps his senses busy. The fashion now, might revolve around family gatherings – speeches, games and that keep him lured to details. Something which keeps him motivated in his ‘own space’.

Bloggers in fashion space seem to reinvent their social media handles and blog spaces. Previously, the space was more about trying new food, new place or fashion clothing – it was paid or non-paid depending upon the blogger and the brand which has chosen each-other to endorse. With Lock-down upsetting major supply cycles and putting great stress on pre-booked customer orders, things are forced to be relaxed. Fashion bloggers are developing new ideas, exploring what they like and discussing the raw life in their homes.

From everyday chores to a game of chess with parents, taking to gardening and making miniature dresses for pets – there is indeed a lot which is coming out from their social media handles. Their followers on the other hand, have been active like never before as the lock down has motivated them to spend more time online. Further, people have been looking for inspiration posts, funny videos and memes to educational blogs, hobbies and DIYs, yoga sessions. Fashion space guided by these seems to move on these lines – as interests rise, people are searching for dinner sets, kitchen decors, beauty advice – skin care tutorials and products to work from home comfort outfits. It will be upon the brands to gather unique formulas which elongate the memory and attract people to their sites and shops. The kind of story which will be woven by marketers to sellers might shift tectonically and comprise more of reality than dreamy affairs. We might see the trend of comfort workwear arrive from homes to offices. Who knows formals get a revamp? This might trigger another opportunity for designers and conceptualizers – the manufacturers, must keep an eye on what gains momentum in late summer.

Fashion, as mentioned before is reaction to surrounding and the way of expression. Fashion marketers should look forward to understand the pulse of general public. In times of active social media and internet, we surely are in a little more blessed times. 2020 can be a game changer in many ways – the way in which we react, assume and reciprocate.

Above: Akanksha Redhu’s Instagram handle where she shares her cooking skills along with her food choices. Redhu’s handle are full of fun, frolic, colours – she is considered one of the top fashion bloggers in India and frequently shares envy-worthy photographs of her travel diaries and promotes various fashion brands.