From Classic to Street: A Guide to Styling Sneakers for Every Fashion Aesthetic

From Classic to Street: A Guide to Styling Sneakers for Every Fashion Aesthetic

With the influx of Gen Z in the workforce and the growth of casual styling for work wear, we have reached the point where we are the most comfortable-looking generation at work. Given the health and socio-economic crises, we barely make it by, and there is no pressure to look formal at work anymore. When you're busy enough to be running from meetings to meeting or go to work only 3 times a week, there’s no need to invest in uncomfortable dress shoes or heels anymore. With the rise of casual sneaker outfits and street style with sneakers searches on Google and Pinterest, everyone’s hopping on the sneakerhead bandwagon.

So we have put together lists of various popular styles and the appropriate sneakers that could help you establish various looks occasion-wise. Sneakers are not just one style but differ from look to look. So read more to find out how to personalize sneakers with your style and never look underdressed for any occasion!

1. Classic Neutrals

Wanna look like a cool cat at all times and you're the type of person who buys shoes only on the basis of your needs? Choosing comfortable and practical shoes over the ones that stand out and look uncomfortable. Then this pair is perfect for you. The slightly raised sole adds a sleek and polished touch to the overall simplicity of the shoe, elevating its style quotient. Moreover, these shoes are not just trendy, but they are also incredibly comfortable and airy, making them suitable for a wide range of settings, whether it's the office, the gym, or even family dinners. As the saying goes, people often judge you by your choice of footwear, and with this pair, there won't be much left to say other than the fact that you're undeniably a cool and fashionable individual. So go ahead and step out with confidence, knowing that you've got the perfect shoes to enhance your cool-cat persona.

2. Professional

Are you also tired of people on Instagram telling you that the only true neutrals are beige, black, grey, and white? Let us remind you that baby blue exists. Blue is an essential color in the world of basics and we’re here to show you how it's underrated. Blue is an essential hue that deserves more recognition, as it can be both a basic and fun color. It possesses a subtle tone that effortlessly complements any outfit, adding a touch of vibrancy without overpowering the overall look. This holds especially true if you prefer sticking to neutrals. However, even if you enjoy incorporating various colors into your outfits, investing in multiple pairs of shoes might not be feasible. That's where a simple blue slip-on sneaker comes in, serving as a versatile option that pairs exceptionally well with almost any ensemble. So, why not embrace the underrated charm of baby blue and elevate your style game effortlessly?

3. Athleisure

Add an athletic spin to a feminine outfit by pairing your gym sneakers with a skirt or dress. Pairing sneakers with midi skirts has been a sought trend of 2023 so far with the rise of denim midi skirts in the mainstream. Opt for a casual and flowy dress or a denim skirt, however, if you wish to go classic, make sure that the structured skirt is denim as it looks both professional and casual. This contrast of sporty sneakers with feminine styles creates an interesting contrast that naked you look more put together without actually compromising your comfort. You can also create a sleek and contemporary fit by going for a monochromatic color scheme. Choose a pair of gym sneakers that you prefer and, and match them with similar-toned clothing pieces. This creates a cohesive and minimalist aesthetic. The idea of styling your gym or athletic shoes with your regular outfits is to remain comfortable throughout the day. Especially if you are a uni student who also works part-time, you need to ensure your feet stay comfortable and safe while working.

4. Classy Whites

Classic white sneakers are everyone’s favorite; unless you are the parent of a toddler. The earliest encounter we had with white sneakers was as students when we had to wear PT shoes from Bata. Who knew we’d ever come back to white sneakers after the disastrous journey with them in school? But maybe people in fashion are right, white sneakers are definitely one of the classics of this century. They are easy to customize, versatile, and work for university, office, meetings, vacations, and even the club if you're lucky enough to not have someone step on them while dancing. Besides being versatile, they are easy to match with various styles, if you like athleisure looks, these go well with every outfit where you need to add a balance of casual to. Besides these, white sneakers are highly customizable; so if you have a bit of punk in you, feel free to use them as your new canvas and add a personal touch to your footwear!

5. Vibrant Hues

Bold and vibrant, add an interesting color to your wardrobe. One may think that styling bold shoes is difficult. But we believe that if any color doesn't go with something, it goes with everything. Meaning allows the shoe to stand out on its own. Thus making red sneakers perfect for neutral outfits. It adds a sleek edge to neutrals like black, grey, and beige; creating an interesting contrast of colors in the same tone. Red sneakers have classically also been associated with denim outfits, as the blacks and blues of denim complement red gorgeously. However, if you like wearing bold outfits on the maximalist side, try including pieces that contrast red instead of incorporating red directly in the outfit. Matching accessories with other accessories is the key to making a maximalist outfit look coherent rather than just piled together.

6. Rock and Roll

Out of all the choices, if you haven't let go of your emo phase but are still hoping to find something that fits your personal style and doesn't look like you are still a part of the emo scene from 2006, these are perfect for you. From a distance, they look like regular black sneakers that are easy to find literally everywhere. But what is different about these, is that they have a raw untrimmed hem that adds an essential detail resembling your personal style. The structure of the shoe is what gives it a professional and more casual look that you may need for formal situations, and sometimes even for comfort purposes.

7. Prints

Shoes with printed patterns on sneakers is one underrated detail we haven't seen since the early 2010s. Best to be paired with monochrome outfits that need a bit of extra flare. Given that most of us have been on the tug of war between maximalist and minimalist styles. The idea with printed sneakers is they provide a personal touch to your style, there are always pre-existing designs that exist that you can choose according to your liking, and without compromising on comfort or style; you have a piece in your wardrobe that only speaks to you! The idea is basically to have something that looks personalized. And while there are artists and brands that do customized versions, even investing in store-bought ones is just as much of a good choice! Pair them with jeans, dresses, or even athleisure wear, and watch as your outfit comes to life with the playful charm of printed sneakers. Embrace the power of prints and let your feet do the talking with these stylish and captivating footwear options.

It may sound fun to wear funky sneakers to work, but you have to admit they end up looking like clown shoes on your oversized grey blazer. However, how do we make sneakers look good on us as much as fashion influencers or off-duty models make them look? We may not have time to dress up nor do we have the time to spend hours getting ready in the morning, but we still want to look professional and approachable. There has to be a buffer between your personal style and professional style too; you can't wear your brunch outfits to the meeting that pays for your weekly brunches.