Get Your Wild Side Going

Get Your Wild Side Going

Take a walk down the wild road with us. We are sure you will not be disappointed. After some extensive research through the runway looks, it’s safe (or rather unsafe?) to say that the world is going wild this fall in the most stylish way possible. And we have fallen prey to this trend. Animal prints have been around for decades and it keeps coming back now and then. The fun part is which prints come back into trend and how they are incorporated into our fashion style. As different people have their preferences, it is always interesting to see how especially stylists incorporate the trends in their work.

Animal prints are known to be fun, sexy, and controversially, a little bit frivolous. But this new era of post-pandemic is about going all out but in a sophisticated way, and this trend is not indifferent. We see the prints coming in a refined, enjoyable way that is neither too much, nor is it basic. Leopard print, cheetah print, zebra print, and other animal prints were heavily included in the 90s and Y2K fashion. As we are right now witnessing the resurgence of the era, it is not very surprising that animal prints are a part of the fall season.

The runway shows of Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many such designers showcased stunning Autumn/Winter22 pieces that have animal prints that look phenomenal in a rich, elegant, and very fun way. Animal prints were well-known in the Cleopatra era and were mainly used by royals in the form of fur, but today the print has progressed in many different ways and is available to everyone in varied forms such as animal print footwear, animal print clothing, accessories, etc. Its trend keeps coming back now and again.

And today, the common people have happily adopted the trend. We have seen peeks of it in the influencer styling and some celebrities as well showcasing animal prints in their ensemble. To make sure you are on top of this trend, London Rag has an array of varied fashion items to keep you in the fashion loop.

Leopard Print: Now, the most significant debate to ever exist, is about the difference between cheetah and leopard print. Let’s end it once and for all though. While leopard print is the one with little rosette print, the cheetah has literal spots. And now that that’s clear, let’s move on to just how pretty the leopard print is in fashion. London Rag has options in sandals, boots, clothes, etc. Leopard print instantly levels up an outfit with its warm popping quality. It looks good as an accent with footwear or a bag but is also great as the main character of an outfit. The print is also quite versatile and can be worn for casual outings as well as fancy outings. We would suggest small elements of it for fancy occasions.

Snake Print: Snake prints exhibit a very sexy allure that is enchanting and makes you stand out in a crowd. It could be a little tricky to style, but if you find the knack for it, it could definitely bloom your wardrobe with its fierceness. You also see the print in funky colors which really makes it pop out in a crowd. The print in itself is interesting enough so exaggerated silhouettes are not exactly required for the print to make an impression. A simple shirt or even a pair of heels would look striking, especially if you are looking for an element just to cut the monotony of an outfit. You can see more styles of clothing and footwear on and!

Croc Print: We think everyone owns at least one single item that is croc print or croc embossed. The croc print is the most well-known after leopard and cheetah as it is a common element in leather products. The croc print is classy, elegant, and absolutely stylish. If you are new to animal prints, a good way to start is with animal print footwear. The print makes quite an impression as the accent of an outfit and looks fierce but lively at the same time.