Hollywood Moms with Impeccable Style

Hollywood Moms with Impeccable Style

There are celebrities then there are icons, and some of those have a style that is simply visionary. These celebrity moms or the mothers of the fashion world have been fashion icons before, during, and AFTER childbirth. These Hollywood moms have shown us that being a mom doesn't mean that you have to let go of your old self completely, sure you evolve with motherhood’s new responsibilities but that doesn't mean you sacrifice things you love.
Parenthood demands practical and affordable clothing (affordable because you can't have a child vomit on your Valentino), and practical because you can't be running errands on baby food and diapers in heels even if you have full-time help. Your fashion and life priorities change as you evolve and parenthood is no exception to this rule.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

You can not talk about fashion without mentioning the most stylish celebrity who plays an equally iconic character; Carrie Bradshaw AKA SJP. Her legacy of iconic Manolo Blahnik shoes, baguette bags, and tulle skirts and introducing an entire generation to high-end fashion as a form of financial investment. While Carrie may be different from SJP in real life, their common love for fashion, especially shoes, is no joke. Parker however does not consider herself to be as stylish as we think her to be, which is unfair because being able to put yourself together so artfully is a skill to be appreciated.


2. Rihanna

Having a stylish mom is one thing but having stylish PARENTS is a whole new flex that not everyone has. Rihanna, ever since her debut in 2005 has never missed fashionable. Right up till her latest appearance at the Met Gala, her style is a reflection of who she is. She is confident, loud, and everything a modern woman aspires to be. She has set her career on a smooth path and is beginning to expand her family life with baby #2 on the way! She is the face of the idea that motherhood and pregnancy cannot stop Miss RiRi from dressing up to her best potential. Right from her red carpet looks to her casual looks, we have only seen her put her best foot in front while being extremely comfortable with the changes in her body.

3. Blake Lively

Imagine having THE Serena van der Woodsen as your mom; without the gossip girl drama. Sure it is one thing to have Deadpool as your dad, but he won't be the one leaving you with a closet full of luxury brand dresses and shoes #priorities. In all seriousness, there has not been one celebrity since the 2010s who can match up to her style potential. There is luxury and relatability in her style which is impossible to replicate with celebrities who are only sponsored by extravagant clothes these days. If you are looking for a way to dress up for your job, Lively is the best inspiration for you!


4. Jennifer Lopez

The MOTHER of entertainment, says what you want about Lopez but no Hollywood has come close to touching her acting, dancing, and singing skills. Right from camera presence to stage presence she has dominated each field. You can't talk about the early 2000s without mentioning Lopez. In an industry full of Jennifers she has made her name as one of the top Jennifers. Her style says that just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I can't be sexy. We don't do that anymore. Her style includes elements from her heritage that have been traditionally part of Latina fashion. Like gold hoops, bright colors, and her signature brown hair. Along with this, if you are looking for inspiration on monochrome outfits, go to JLo.


5. Beyonce

Mother Bee, queen bee, Beyonce is the living and breathing fashion icon who has been pulling together her creativity with each and every outfit of hers. To pull off strong and bold looks, one doesn't need money or the “right body” What it needs is the confidence that makes you glow from within. While none of us can be like Beyonce, we can surely pick style tips from her. Like always including a shock element. A contrast that enhances your outfit making it look unique to your personality. Sometimes keeping it simple can make you stand out in the best way possible like Bey is often seen in.


6. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Bollywood’s Sweetheart to Hollywood’s Diva, Miss World 2000, started her Bollywood acting career in 2003 and Hollywood debut in 2015. Having worked on over 70 projects in the last two decades, Chopra has proven herself as THE Desi Girl and continues to do so even after the birth of her daughter. Her style is colorful and classic. She takes her risks very thoughtfully like the businesswoman she is. Her latest look at the NMACC event in Mumbai and the Met Gala in New York, she has been experimenting with fashion more and more as she reaches new heights in her personal and professional life. She is the perfect fashion inspiration for someone who is entering a new job or life milestone!

7. Gigi Hadid

Having a supermodel mom is not a new thing but have you ever had famous models like your mom, aunt AND grandma? And an ex-one-direction member as your dad? Only Ms. Khai can relate to this. Now while every model is known to have impeccable style and is always well dressed, what sets Gigi’s style apart is that she is never afraid to be loud. She is known to speak her mind and is open to trying new styles. For example, wearing a sari at the opening night of NMACC in Mumbai. She often experiments with different patterns and silhouettes, she doesn't seem keen on settling on a signature style yet unlike her sister Bella who is owning the y2k style.

8. Anne Hathway

Her style is often dubbed to be classic Hollywood glamour and is often seen in either Valentino or Alexander McQueen. She was also spotted at the Met Gala 2023 in a Versace gown, as the new face of Versace. The gown resembled Elizabeth Hurley’s iconic safety pin gown.
As for her casual style; she is often spotted in classic clothing, but has switched it up to more colorful looks in the last year. When she is not in her luxury fashion looks she likes to mute it down to basics and muted colours. Her style can be called business casual but make it is Gen Z-friendly. She's often seen in tailored blazers, wide-legged or flared jeans, and kitten heels; making her “not a regular” but “cool mom”.


A common pattern we see amongst mothers whose bodies drastically change postpartum is that they think that they can never go back to being their fashionable selves. But we believe that we shouldn't have to shame or exclude moms from the fashion world. Blake Lively, a mother of four, mentioned once that after giving birth she noticed she couldn't fit into sample sizes that fashion brands often sent her, despite being average-sized. After experiencing this “alienating” event she started a conversation on how designers should be more inclusive in their dressmaking styles regardless of if they have recently given birth or not.
It is no secret that Hollywood moms often go back looking like their old selves in less than a year post-birth, but they have been more candid on the pressure that the industry puts on mothers, in general, to “maintain” themselves.