Hop Onto The Mob Wife Aesthetic With Us

Hop Onto The Mob Wife Aesthetic With Us

Yet another micro trend that has people in a chokehold! And let’s get real, the “mob-wife” aesthetic is having quite a moment with its glamorous but elegant vibe. Faux fur coats, accentuating cherry red accessories, big hair like Miley Cyrus at the Grammy’s, sharp silhouettes, and more. And even though it seems to be a micro trend, mob wife fashion is leaving quite a mark in the industry.

The mob wife fashion is all about expressing a bold and energetic aura that makes a bold statement. The trend emerges from the idea of a sultry, glamorous, and happy Italian princess. The color palette is dark with accentuating elements such as animal print, preferably leopard print, some red popping nails and lipstick, heavy gold jewelry, big hair, heavy luxurious fur coats, etc.

At London Rag, we love to explore new aesthetics and styles that cater to our audience’s preferences. This is why we are so excited to put out our mobster queen aesthetic power dressing outfits that would add some glamorous touch to your closet.

Is it even mafia-inspired style without some animal print and faux fur coat? When the maximalist meets the micro trend, this beauty emerges. We’ve seen many such as the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Blake Lively, and even Selena Gomez. Fur coats have been a recurring appearance in the celebrities’ ensembles, making a distinctive impression. Our teddy coat is fluffy, comfy, and of course on trend with vintage glam. The basic black trousers give a base for the ensemble to build on with the leopard print slip top and the teddy coat. The ruched kitten heel sandals add a touch of visual texture that just brings the exaggerated silhouette together.

Power dressing at its best! Simplistic yet impactful, A little black dress will never not be a classic piece and fits perfectly in the mob aesthetic with its sexy elegance that makes a mark on people’s minds with its allure. The mini dress with a single strap gives femme fatale looks and is also comfortable with soft lining while the ruching adds some visual intrigue to the fit. To add the mafia-inspired style touch, the heavily embellished stilettos with diamante and rhinestones are just drop dead gorgeous. The ensemble exudes an opulence allure that fits right into the mob wife fashion.

Mob aesthetic isn’t just heavy jewelry and big hair. It’s about looking clean, polished, and of course, luxurious. Plaid may come across as a casual print but can make quite a sharp impression if styled right. The pointed toe sandals give the ensemble a touch of elegance which fits well with the shacket. The basic top and denim jeans make a good classic base.