How To Be A Barbiecore Babe With London Rag

How To Be A Barbiecore Babe With London Rag

We’re all set to think pink now with the Barbie movie release right around the corner. A nostalgic stroll down memory lane, Barbie in the 90s and early 2000s was a dream for every little girl out there. The pink obsession was spiraling then, and we suspect that’s when “Barbiecore”, though the term recently emerged, hit the world with a bam. From Britney Spears to Paris Hilton, the Barbie pink outfits at the time was everything and beyond in fashion.

The resurgence of it came along when snippets of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie Barbie outfits shooting for the movie were all over the internet last year June 2022. Though we don’t believe it’s the only reason for the comeback of this Barbiecore aesthetic. One more reason the pink fad came about was when Valention’s pink PP collection came about with the bright pink hue that left every jaw dropped on the floor last year. The Barbiecore aesthetic has been slowly growing on us and finally hit home when the trailer was released this year. And now, with the movie release right around the corner, Barbiecore has us all head over heels.

However, the Barbiecore aesthetic is much more than just the vibrant pink hue. Barbie also has a pastel color palette with beautiful blues, purples, and yellows, as well as some pretty prints that invigorate a playful and unabashed feminine supremacy vibe. The current trend is all about embracing your inner Barbiecore babe and reigning the world on tiptoes. To help you achieve the ideal Barbiecore outfits that match your own personality, here are some Barbie outfit ideas by London Rag that you can don this season.

Styling London Rag skirts

Pink and blue is a color combo that will never leave you astray. The patchwork color block skirt looks absolutely delish. The corset top is pretty yet alluring with the corset aesthetic that is sexy. The top is the perfect summer top and pairs wonderfully with the tube skirt and gives the fit some flair. The faux fur sandals are a delight with the chunky fur details and the perfect Barbie pink hue. The overall fit is the most perfect outfit for the Barbie core 2023.

We know it’s kinda cliche but also iconic and classy! The short slip dress is the perfect Barbie dress with an intriguing texture over it. The textures flat mules are comfortable and uber chic with the texture and horse-bit embellishment. They pair perfectly with the dress while the bag altogether makes one of the perfect Barbie outfits with the monochromatic pink fashion.

A color-blocking fit is perfect to get a cool yet feminine and chic fit that fits the Gen Z aesthetic. The blouse has a formal feminine design with the tie-up detail while the baggy jeans give the outfit an exaggerated element that is trendy and modern while still looking cute. The heels are straight outta Y2K fashion and look absolutely chic.

Would this be Barbie outfit ideas if there isn’t one for the Barbenheimer trend? By now we have all seen the Barbenheimer posters and we’re all looking forward to both. This outfit isn’t just for the Barbie fashionistas but the ones who stan both the iconic films - Barbie and Oppenheimer. We love a good fusion fit and this one is an ideal choice for the ones excited for both the films! It’s also intriguing with the clashing of dark and bright hues which are sure to turn some heads your way!

Now, not everyone likes a full Barbie fit that’s cute and pretty. And you don’t necessarily have to go all the way in pink fashion to make a Barbiecore statement. Accessories can play a huge role in exhibiting that subtle pink Barbiecore aesthetics which is adorable. Below are some of our accessories such as bags and shoes that will instantly elevate your fit and would make great elements even after the Barbiecore fad has died.

The interchangeable rhinestones embellished ankle strap is a game changer and can take the shoes from elegant to glamorous with just the change of the ankle straps!

The spool heel sandals are straight outta the Y2K party with the maximalist bling of the rhinestone embellishments.

The higher the heels, the taller your confidence. These platform lace-up sandals are sure to amp up any look with their over-the-top platforms and stiletto heels.

An accent accessory for sure with the holographic element that will definitely elevate any iconic barbie outfits or even casual daily fits!

We all love a good faux fur moment, and this sling furry bag is elegant yet chic with golden accents.

Another way to subtly give in to the fad is Barbiecore nails! Maximalist fancy nails have taken over the world in a frenzy, and what better way to fit right into the Barbie trend than Barbiecore nails that will probably last as much as the actual trend. It’s the perfect way t be subtle yet make the most of the fad! Scroll down to see some of our favorite Barbiecore nail inspo!

barbie nails inspo

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If you’re looking for an iconic look, a Barbie star is a must!

barbiecore nails 2023

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Will it even be trendy Barbiecore nails if you’re not getting the cat-eye velvet nails!

 barbiecore pink nails

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Sure to make a statement, the chrome Barbiecore nails are all about making a bright statement!

 barbie nails ideas

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These are perfect for nail art fanatics, with beautiful contrasting nail art that’s sublime and chic!

And there you have some of our tips and tricks to become a Barbiecore babe this season. Embrace the world of pretty, playful prints, and feminine silhouettes. Barbiecore is all about having fantastic fun with your style and embracing your own feminine persona. So, go ahead and unleash your inner doll, and let the world see the vibrant, confident Barbiecore babe that you are!