How To Level Up Your Basic Tees

How To Level Up Your Basic Tees

Basic tees are a staple in everyone’s closet with their versatility and comfortable fit. T shirts come in varied prints, patterns, styles, and designs, and can sometimes be boring. We do not agree with the boring part, as there is SO much you can do with these basic tees and the fashion possibilities with its styling cannot be measured. A basic t shirt is an ideal choice for the time when you want to opt for being relaxed but still look stylish with minimum effort. Basic tee makes good styling elements as they are versatile and can be mixed and matched with other varied styles for it to be fun and experimental. If you’re looking to make the most of this simple piece of clothing, and look your best fun, fashionable self, keep reading ahead!

A white t shirt is a must have in a wardrobe and there are very few times that we actually wear it out until it reaches a point where we wear it to be. Many forget that a white tee is the most versatile piece of clothing that has been understated for years. Its versatility allows it to be styled and paired with different clothing and can also be manipulated into different styles itself which is exciting and fun. You can wear it with literally any bottom wear be it pants, a skirt, shorts, or even a dress. The usual way to go about it is to pair it with basic denim jeans and if the weather is a bit chilly, add a denim jacket over, and you have your regular basic fit. The fit is for daily wear and ideal for when you want simplicity and comfort. Check out some of these pieces from London Rag to elevate this basic, casual fit to a fun one!

If you’re looking to level up the basic tee game, you can wear your white tee with some printed pants from London Rag which can help your outfit pop a bit more and look lively. You can also pair it all with a small baguette, a bucket hat, and some sunglasses to take it up a notch on the cool scale. The fit is a nod to the Y2K fashion which has made a comeback but in a more subtle and refined manner. The trendy fit is ideal for your summer outfits wardrobe and sure to turn some heads your way.

Basic graphic t shirts are underrated, as they have so much potential to be cool, chic, and even bold. You can wear them with a co ord sets such as some high waist short and a blazer for a fun and bold outfit. The outfit is a bit serious but still fun because of the graphic tee element and makes the perfect fit for a semi casual occasion. You can pair it with boots or heels, and you’re ready to take on the world!

T shirts are a great asset for when you want to do some layering and notch up your fashion game. Especially in fall or spring. You can wear it underneath strapless or strappy dresses, and slip dresses and make them more comfortable and modest. This also helps the dress to come more in the forefront with basic background, plus it’s comfortable and more relaxed to wear too. This style of dressing is quite popularly seen in asian fashion where it is effortlessly stylish.

We all own oversized t shirts which are mostly used for our sleepwear. But other than being comfortable, easy breezy, and relaxed, they make great as t shirt dresses. Now, just wearing an oversized tee can be a bit bland, which is why you can amp it up by pairing it with fun pantyhose or fishnet stockings and add on chunky lace up boot or color block ankle boot. If your t shirt is not long enough then you can add on some shorts to jazz it up.

Make your basic tee fun, sexy and stylish by pairing it with bralettes, corsets, bustiers to enhance your look. This is ideal for the times when you want to look sexy but still modest and relaxed. This layering style was popular in the 2000s and we see it today making a comeback with a more subtle effect. You can pair it with trousers, shorts, even denim jeans. Add on chunky lace up boot or some high heels, and voila! You’re ready to slay!