How To Style Midi Skirts for Every Occasion

How To Style Midi Skirts for Every Occasion

After a year of battling with skirts the size of a belt; aka the mini and micro skirt trend, the fashion industry has once again turned its back to the trend. We are once again back to the ultimate y2k trend; midi and maxi skirts. Now children, they may seem a very mature style to procure and master, but they are actually every fashionista's best friend on tough days. The reason why midi and maxi skirts are a go-to for every well-known fashion icon is because of their versatility and the absolute comfort they provide on tiresome days. And they can be made to suit many different styles and occasions at the same time.

Do you have a rock concert to attend on a Friday night after a long day at the office where you ALSO have to present this huge idea to your senior boss?
Want to look professional but also ready for a concert later that night. A midi skirt is your best friend. Pair the skirt of your choice with a Cuban collar shirt, and pick a dark color palette to be safe, think navy blue, violet, indigo, grey or black. Sticking to a monotone base helps you look professional at the workplace, helps your colleagues take you more seriously and also makes you look effortlessly chic at the concert afterward. One of the biggest fashion tips we give our is to keep it simple on hectic days. So unless you have a lot of time to get dressed for going out, keep it simple and chic. Cuban collar is not the only way to wear a midi skirt of course. We came prepared with a style guide for styling midi skirts. Midi skirts work for casual wear, formal wear, vacation wear, and even street style. With summer and spring fashion on the rise, it is time to revive your denim skirt and kitten heels combination from the 2000s.


Think printed shirts with wide collars, Cuban collars, or even classic English collar that is best suited for formal workspaces and occasions. Mix and match various patterns with different colored skirts or even printed skirts. The one thing that neither maxi nor mini skirts don't have is the fabric and appropriate length to balance out the intensity of the print at the same time. So opting for the midi skirt is the right choice, preferably starting out with a classic denim skirt. They are perfect for the summer, and can easily be layered during the colder seasons. Mid-length skirts are also ideal to wear during rainy months with boots. They look professional with solid-colored shirts. So pairing printed solid shirts and skirts together is an effortless job to do. One more fashion tips about skirts are that the longer the fabric, the more cohesive your overall outfit looks. But if you live in the city, we suggest keeping the skirt length till your calves, it's easier to travel in rush hours with mid-length skirts.



As we mentioned above, if Fridays the dress codes are more relaxed, or if you're heading over to a place where you do not know what the exact dress code is. Maybe something as ambiguous as “business casual”, go for the skirt and juxtapose its simplicity and structure with an edgy band t-shirt (bonus points if it’s a band you don't listen to) and add a layer of a denim jacket or simple cardigan for a little modest fashion moment in case the situation calls for it. You can always also opt for traditional y2k baby tees which look more form-fitting, are summer appropriate, and depend on the type of look you wish to achieve. You can also try various styles, including trendy styles like wearing a baby tee with a midi skirt with an oversized denim jacket. The entire look is perfect for concerts, dates, brunch dates with the girls, and even professional or student wear.



The thing about layering with midi skirts is you need to know how you want to dress. Women’s clothing is very versatile and each outfit represents a mood or style guide that was followed. Every outfit looks sexy with a mini skirt, and everyone knows that you would usually pair a cropped jacket with miniskirts. But with mid-length skirts, since both a cropped and oversized jacket matches the situation, we say set your vibe before trying on all of your jackets. Is it a date? Do you have to be dressed UP or DOWN? Are you meeting a friend or a senior family member? Chances are these will help you filter through the mess. When you wish to have a more fitted and well-defined look, opt for a cropped jacket that ends right where your waist is. And for a more casual wear look, opt for oversized sweater vests or even large denim jackets, for a chic Tokyo Core street-style look.



Right up to ballerina coquette style to classic Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex And The City’s iconic show opening and shoe final in Paris we spot her in tulle skirts. Since the late 2010s we have also been seeing a rise in sheer tulle skirts which are often embroidered with creative motifs. These can be a tough find, however, can be a great addition to your wardrobe for days when you want to dress up and still remain comfortable. Another way to wear sheer tulle skirts is by using them as a layering piece. Often seen on the streets of Harajuku and Seoul. Tulle skirts are often seen as the basis for a modest look, they look more traditional in comparison to denim skirts. With designers like Micheal Kors who brought the look back in their 2015 spring show; they have started gaining popularity but still remain quite underrated. And the best part about these skirts is that they function and feel just like a normal skirt, but look fancier than the rest.



If you are feeling a little bold and extra, we might even suggest you try layering your flowy summer dresses with skirts. Or midi skirts over maxi skirts, who knew that we would ever go back to the days of wearing skirts over jeans or skirts over skirts? Guess everything that goes around does really come around eventually, call it Sk-R-Arma. As you can see below this particular styling tip generally lends itself to the punk-rock Vivienne Westwood-esque style guide. However, it can be made to look softer as well. As we mentioned above, sheer tulle skirts are a great way to soften any look; so adding a sheer skirt on top of an opaque skirt can soften the look and add an interesting layer of fun to your outfit.



Wondering which shoes go with each of the styles we mentioned above? As much as there are no rules to our styling tips, and we encourage you to experiment with your looks, you ought to start with a solid base to branch out to more risky looks.
Usually you see people pair midi skirts with either ballet flats or boots. Its the easiest way to select the tone of your outfit with these two comfortable footwear options. People are also often seen styling midi skirts with cowboy boots or even knee-high boots. You can always also pair it with regular converse or sports shoes from New Balance. The thing about skirts now is that they are not limited to the feminine styles of 1950s or even the 2000s. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on your mood for the day.



Best way to wear and style colourful stockings in classic 1960s style without looking like a disney character is to balance out print and solid ratio. As you can see in the first image, they have used a printed coat, while the rest of the outfit is solids. And kudos for matching the coat with lavender tights. It makes the lavender coat look more cohesive and not randomly paired. As for the second outfit, the top is printed while the skirt and coat match. The tights and other accessories follow the top for colour pallete reference and tie the whole look otgwehter despite being colours that normally dont match.