Is Being ‘Skinny’ Making a Comeback This 2022?

Is Being ‘Skinny’ Making a Comeback This 2022?

The perception of “beauty” in society is known to be heavily influenced by the fashion and film industry. Our perception of beauty is a reflection that we see “trending” and implementing in our regular lives. 2022 is known as the resurgence of the 2000s, and as many trends we see making a comeback, unfortunately, size zero seems to be one of them too. Over the last decade, the revolution of body inclusivity has been seen blooming, but this blast from the past is leaving most of us in whiplash.

Trends such as low-rise, skinny jeans, and more have been correlated to the heroin chic style in the 2000s. The ‘heroin chic’ aesthetic referred to girls who were overly skinny and looked grungy, which was problematic then, and even more so problematic now, after years of progress in body positivity. The skinny girl with skinny legs and skinny waist was something that many brands in the past popularly preached. The most prominent example is Victoria’s Secret Angels which was closed down 5 years ago and was “rethinking their whole business”, it was a step towards inclusion and putting the skinny beauty standard behind. But looking at the turn of events, there’s a lingering fear of its return which might affect the revolution of body positivity and inclusivity.

Now, let’s talk about beauty standards, the first thing to come to mind is the Kardashians. 2010 was the era of big butts with Brazilian Butt Lift fashion (read more about BBL surgery here) being a big part of the culture after Kim Kardashian and her big butt were a part of many magazines in the mid-2010s. Though she claimed and “proved” that there were no implants and treatments involved in her figure, there have been other theories as well. Nevertheless, it was enough to influence a large number of people around the globe which gave a 77.6% rise in BBL surgeries according to a survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. But her 2022 MET appearance in the stunning Marilyn Monroe dress left us shocked when she admitted to losing 16 pounds - in total 21 pounds - just to fit in the dress and the diet she followed. The unhealthy course of this action was debated over Twitter for weeks to come.

The influence of the Kar-Jenners is wide and immense. At the new show premiere, there was also the commotion of Khloe Kardashian, her recent weight loss and ‘snatched waist’, and rumors of her getting her implants out. This new turn of events was then even more encouraged by Kim Kardashian nude dress of Marilyn Monroe. Even now we see Kim Kardashian promoting “tummy-tightening” products. We all know that the Kardashians were never the role models for body positivity except for their apparel and fashion businesses where they offer a wide range of sizes.

The trends also came into notice when Miu-Miu came out with the micro mini low-waist skirt and other such brands brought back skinny jeans, low-waist jeans, and skirts, micro skirts. The trends in the 2000s were often seen on ‘zero figure’ women as they flattered only that particular body type. This is what jarred us seeing them all on the runways worn by skinny models.

It is indeed saddening to see that the 2010s revolution of body positivity and body neutrality to date was so easily put down by the trends of 2022. But the ray of light is how many brands and designers have opposed this change, and someday we hope for the masses around the globe to be accepting of our natural, beautiful bodies.