Liven Up Your Brunch With These Casual And Classy Brunch Outfits!

Liven Up Your Brunch With These Casual And Classy Brunch Outfits!

The most common way to style skorts is to wear them with a crop top. Mainly since skorts are high-waisted and wearing crop tops enhances your waistline. Crop tops with modest necklines can simplify the look and balance out the shortness of the skort. While experimenting with different looks, different necklines can also transform the overall aesthetic of the look easily!

Sex And The City Brunch Looks

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This is probably what causes stress when we think of brunch outfits. And also due to the loss of 2 whole summers due to the pandemic, newer generations have been focused on making every moment memorable. You will see people being excited to dress up even for getting coffee and going shopping.

dressing up for brunch

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Here Is How You Can Elevate Simple Outfits For A Brunch Look!

With T-shirts and Shirts

Casual chic is the best way to make sure that you are not overdressed or underdressed for any occasion. Solid t-shirts are the best blank canvas to work with to build an original outfit. Solid t-shirts are also a great way to tone down fancier dress pants or skirts. The balance of a regular basic with a fancier garment is styling 101 followed to date for a reason. Oversized shirts work just like solid t-shirts giving you a great blank canvas base for building an outfit. Styling them is much easier than other garments solely because they are oversized enough for comfort and structure at the same time so you don't look lousy.

A Case of Midi and Maxi

Midi dresses are easier to style for the summer, they are the perfect dresses for rainy days or when you need to look cute and get decent coverage. They are perfect for crunches before work or weekday brunches. You can easily pair them with cowboy boots or regular boots for a contrast between feminine and masculine styles. Or with strappy platform heels which will give you a classic Y2K look!

Maxi shirt dresses are still quite an unexplored outfit choice. They are heavily underrated, with the comfort and modest look they provide, they are the ultimate brunch fashion staple to have! With the rise of maxi and midi denim skirts on social media, it can be very easy to think of it as a passing trend. However, it is wise to invest in them right away.

Ribbed Midi Dress

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Comfortable Chic

You can never go wrong with a sweatshirt, however, sweatshirts can drown your body, so try adding accessories like corset belts and dressing them up with a faux shirt collar and trousers! Say you have a brunch date with your girls after a night of drinking out, you would want to be comfortable, putting on a sweater vest or even an oversized blazer can ensure you look and feel cosy and look structured with a jacket.

Sweatpants, just like sweatshirts are easy to look slouchy in, but with the right accessories and tops, like bodysuits, you can dress it up like Kim Kardashian’s Yeezy phase.

Bootcut jeans have been all the rage with the rise of y2k flare jeans. They are a perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. They aren't like skinny jeans which constantly stick to you.

Another absolutely comfortable outfit that all cool kids are wearing is parachute pants and maxi skirts. Popularised mainly amongst gen z who stick to the street style that includes wearing hype brands or following a cyberpunk look. Inspired by the 90s and 2000s hip hop scene, where everything is oversized.

Unique Accessories

Hoop Earrings- big gold hopps may not be trendy anymore but their chunkier variations are all the rage due to the “clean aesthetic girls” picking minimal yet impactful; jewelry.

Clean Girl Look

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Cat Eye Sunglasses

The it-girl sunglasses, even when they are not trending, you know that tie together making you look more polished and glamorous with them on.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Tinier Bags

We have seen the baguette bags, and even though they are no longer considered to be “the bags” carrying small bags are still quite popular. Carrying a bag that hardly fits your phone and maybe one lipgloss and metro card, just know you’re doing something right!

Large Handbags

Contrasting to the friend that hardly ever carries anything, we have the moms and glamorous friends who will carry a large tote bag with nothing but a lip liner in it for the slouchy and casual look!

Large Hobo Bag

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Summers beg for a hat, you can either go down the bucket hat route or embrace your inner Malibu Barbie look with beach hats. Beach hats with dresses, jumpsuits and midi skirts are a popular way to keep your look feminine.

Summer Hats

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