Many Reasons For Wearing Dresses This Season

Many Reasons For Wearing Dresses This Season

We all have some dresses in our wardrobe that slowly went to that back corner and are just sitting there. With the return of Y2K came crazy trends that were all about mini skirts and low waist jeans with crop tops and corsets. And while the aesthetic is still in trend, we have evolved deeply. While the Y2K resurgence was rejuvenating, wild, and exciting, it’s also beautiful to see dresses make a comeback this year! With beautiful pastels in rage again for this spring and summer, the visuals are certainly a treat with sexy sheer material and bright color accents. Intricate and gorgeous floral prints and the most intriguing are the full denim dresses that are back in vogue.

Fashion has always had an impact on the masses whether consciously or subconsciously. It’s a form of art we indulge in every day to put forth our personalities and moods. Similarly, the runway shows broadcast current events, moods, important messages, and most of all the representation of the need of the masses, and it is nothing less than spectacular.

Now, let's start with some of our favorite trends from this year that make us intrigued and excited about dresses. LBD is an ageless style that will always be in our hearts and wardrobes till the end of time. It’s chic, classy, sexy, and versatile and a piece that flatters everyone with its many varied designs and silhouettes, it’s a piece that will never fail to make you look fabulous. It’s perfect as part of your array of summer dresses aka sundresses too and even cocktail dresses. The benefit of wearing dresses is that they bring out your femininity and make you feel a different confidence which is striking.

Now, let's get into some of our personal favorites on the runway that we would love to incorporate into our closets!



A minimalist short dress goes a long way. A versatile piece that works the whole year round and is an absolute delight to style. The perfect short dress can be styled with stockings and a coat for cold fancy outings, it can be worn as is paired with some basic sneakers for a casual look or paired with high heels and some heavy accessories for a date night. So, go get yourself your perfect short dress for this season because it’s all about being and looking your absolute best!

It’s all about ruffles and laces this season. The elegant and luxe look that ruffle dresses and lace dresses give you is just absolutely mesmerizing. Since corsets are still singing their alluring songs this season, we see a lot of amalgamation and incorporation of ruffles and laces in corsets, and otherwise, especially dresses. Ruffle dresses are sure to put you in a flair frenzy with their quirky and chic aesthetic of them while lace dresses have this allure that is elegant and sexy at the same time.

Sundresses are still relevant and are just the cutest addition to your wardrobe. The minimal pleated details, the floral print, and the slit make it a stylish and flirty fit that will turn some heads. Sundresses also flatter all body types and look flirty, fun, and trendy! They look lovely for a brunch or lunch outing, especially if they are floral dresses too. Pair them with gorgeous flats, wedges, and heels from London Rag to amplify your outfits! The season is all about feeling free and wearing flowy clothes for comfort. And sundresses are not only comfortable but also look fashionable and fun!



We all love a great time partying and having fun, and cocktails dresses are the perfect way to flaunt and look just as good as you feel! Cocktail dresses are all about the exquisite alluring beauty that is elegant yet sexy in all its glory. The most delightful feature of cocktail dresses is that if you style some of them right, they also make great fancy work outfits as well, and are even ideal for black tie events. Slip dresses, wrap dresses, and sequin dresses, especially since we’ve witnessed many sequin dresses on the runways and the element seems to still be trending this season as well! Sequin dresses instantly liven up the whole aura of the outfit with the bling and glamorous nature.

And there you have some of our personal favorites from this year’s runway vault! All the pieces were nothing short of mesmerizing and it’s always a treat to take out small elements form the runway fashion and incorporate in our clothing!

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