Must-Have Makeup For The Rainy Months!

Must-Have Makeup For The Rainy Months!

Monsoon is that one time when it's just tricky to dress up fashionably, we did cover that in our previous part on fashion inspiration from Bollywood divas, but no look is complete without a hint of glam and makeup. As the season brings its refreshing charm, it’s also time you embrace a new beauty routine. The humidity in the air kind of ruins your makeup or makes your face feel uncomfortable and patchy, so switching out to lightweight and oil-free makeup is essential. To ensure that you feel and look your best, we have put together a 10-step long-lasting makeup routine for the new season.

Makeup Essentials
    1. Primer

The key to finding your ideal primer is to examine your skin type (dry, oily or combination) and then figure out your specific concerns if you need a green pigment based or a neutralizing primer or one with no tint. Suppose it's pore-filling, glowing or mattifying, all of these depend on the type of skin type you have. Narrow down by examining your skin before you make a purchase. Use a small quantity all over your skin and let it sit before you apply the next step.

Primer For Smooth Makeup
    1. CC Cream

So there are light, medium and full coverage foundations, but we suggest you skip foundation (even waterproof foundation) altogether. Instead, opt for a BB or CC cream. CC is lighter and gives you a more natural finish than a BB cream, and works splendidly in humid conditions. So if it's pouring around you and there’s no way you want to apply a thick layer of base, it’s wise to go for a CC cream.

Hailey Bieber Clean Look

Image Credits- Hailey Bieber

    1. Concealer

Concealers or eye brighteners, have become the newest no-makeup-makeup look staples of the new 2020s decade. It’s lightweight makeup, that gives decent to maximum coverage, and you don't need to layer it up like a foundation, applying just as on prepped skin works better for heavy rain days.


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    1. Eyeshadow Sticks

Apply an eye brightener or concealer to brighten up your eyes for the day ahead. Eye shadow sticks in a shimmer shade that is similar to your skin tone and matches your undertone. For Indian skin, going with bronze, copper and beige shades works the best, and for a smokier look instead of using black eyeshadow sticks, pick a steel metallic or deep grey shade.

Eyeshadow Sticks

Image Credits- Laura Mercier

    1. Waterproof Eyeliner & Mascara

There is no doubt that you need your strongest and most waterproof eye and brow products. A little bit of waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner or experimenting with different eyeliner colours is a win for the season. Ideally, colours like green or purple work wonderfully for the seasonal palette, but for obvious reasons avoid graphic liners, even though they can brighten up damp days.

Eyeliner Makeup Look

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    1. Blush

Doing bright makeup makes sense for rainy days, however, sticking to the seasonal tones to make sure you don't look out of the “aesthetic”, and switching out your bright blush to a toned-down version could make you look more coordinated with the season. Cool-toned blushes or berry blushes work better on Indian skin in general, using bright pink blushes often ends up looking patchy or would not show on the skin at all.


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    1. Brow Gel Or Brow Pencil

In our experience, humidity melts makeup layers more quickly than in other seasons, and caking up makeup, even waterproof makeup is nothing against moisture. it could get ruined immediately. Switching your routine to either brow gel or brow pencil would do better for your brows throughout the day. Brow gel is the most ideal solution to this mayhem, it’s waterproof and holds your brows in space even when it's pouring out. But it’s up to the kind of look you are going for the day, some days call for a fluffy brow some days you just need to fill them in.

Fluffy Brows and Blush Look
    1. Lip Tint

Not a hard or fast rule, but with the growing popularity of lip oils, lipsticks and lip tints, we prefer lip tints for heavy rains. It’s smudge-proof, lightweight, no need to reapply throughout the day and can easily look fresh after a dreadful 8 hours of office or university! They look natural and besides the obvious choice of Korean lip tints, a lot of emerging Indian beauty brands have excellent brown skin-friendly options.

Lip Tint

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    1. Set With Translucent Powder

Setting and not baking, the distinction is essential. The setting is to ensure that all your makeup base stays on and gives a blurred matter finish to your overall makeup. Humidity may be humbling but if you don't want your makeup to budge, set it with powder. Opting for a translucent powder to set would work well for neutral to cool undertone people, and of course “banana” setting powders are an all-time favourite.

Setting Powder
    1. Spray Down With Setting Spray

Ever wondered how musicians at concerts or red-carpet celebrities keep their makeup looking intact till the very end? Much obviously they have their makeup artists re-applying their makeup, but one of the other reasons why it lasts hours even in the most crowded or heavy performances, is the setting spray. If you don't want your makeup meeting halfway through your day or your eyeliner moving due to the rain, this is your answer. It’s the holy grail that everyone doing makeup should invest the big bucks in!

Makeup Spray