Online Fashion: Shopping Apparels and Accessories

Online Fashion: Shopping Apparels and Accessories

Today, online shopping experience has grown from merely clicking “add to cart” to checking hordes of options, reading about latest trends and looks, comparing price range across different sites and then zeroing upon a particular look or style. As websites and blogs have done great reports on what is selling and what is not apart from the regular celebrity sightings, fashion week updates and what is keeping the fashion alive, viewers and readers demand to see more of it and try trendy clothes on themselves.

Also, more is less. Customers want options and are bombarded by the same. Today, online fashion is developing into a customized model where each customer is shown each style customized to his/her body statistics, features and frame. From eye-wears to casuals and from accessories to wedding apparels online sited are striving to give customers a wholesome experience which is as good as visiting a shop and trying products.

While all these develops, online shopping builds upon convenience which customers experience and these factors are further enhanced. Let’s have a look why we see only upbeat graph when it comes to online fashion shopping.

  1. Convenience: Shop at any time, from anywhere: No need to get yourself ready and ‘set a mood’ to go into a shopping mall/boutique. You can do it from office or after hours from comfort of your home.
  2. Variety and Prices: From international brands to local ones, whichever suit your style and budget – you have it all. No one forces you to choose from an array of 20 odd designs in particular price range. You shop according to your choices. Moreover, you are not pressurized to buy something – like the shopkeeper nags and drags you to have a look at something you don’t have interest in.
  3. Easy Returns: Most of the sites have maintained clear return policies and hence, if you find a fault with an item or are not satisfied with colour or quality, you might leave a request for refund or return. Though it varies with the product but given that it is an easy possibility more people have turned to online shopping.
  4. Reviews: No brand ever said the product was average. But, reviews do. Reviews across platforms and forums are an easy way to find out what the brand has been up to. Some marketplaces where there are lots of vendors and maintain quality is an issue and so is keeping a tab over them, there are comments where users share pictures along with their experiences which serves as guide for online shopping for that particular product.
  5. Avoid Crowds: Besides lockdown, we really never like crowds while shopping? Or do we? We can escape this hiatus smoothly online with no one to judge, no one to bother or hush after to complete the buy.


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