Rocky Star Left No Crumbs With London Rag Footwear At Milan Fashion Week

Rocky Star Left No Crumbs With London Rag Footwear At Milan Fashion Week

An invigorating experience at the Milan Fashion Week 2023, the Rocky Star label is all about giving the audience an elevated sensory experience that exhibits debonair art, technology, functionality, and sustainability. A mesmerizing sight, Rocky Star’s “Midnight Bloom” collection fashion show was a dark paradise escapade full of nocturnal bloom aesthetic that is all about a dazzling, dreamy, and regal experience.

The new fashion era is heavily influenced by bejeweled fashion pieces and all things shine and sparkle. Animal prints have also been a major trend since 2022 and have followed through this year as well. The most fascinating of all is how boots are now a year-round trend, especially ankle boots that are now also popularly seen to be worn by masses in hot climates as well! Yes, it has been a refreshing sight on the runways too that showcased boots for the upcoming Spring/Summer season as well as the Autumn/Winter season. Fashion has come a long way, and with functionality being at the core of trends, it is all about expanding horizons. Maximalism is definitely in, and most people are leaving no crumbs behind when it comes to embracing an extravagant aesthetic that is about being bold yet elegant, luxe yet fun, and sparkly yet sophisticated.

Rocky Star definitely has hit the mark when it comes to fashion aesthetics and has also kept up with the evolution of the fashion industry taking functionality and sustainability under its wings. The collection showcased ensembles that radiated luxe elegance while also exhibiting a dark regal aura with the usage of fabrics such as velvet, muls, etc. The collection featured an amalgam of animal prints with florals which is a contrasting element that induced intrigue and fascination. The draping is impeccable while the layering is absolutely stunning with beautifully constructed corset work which left us awestruck. The embellishments are intricately sublime and complement the other elements of the ensembles exquisitely. The handcrafted embroidery pays homage to the Indian culture and exhibits a sense of grandeur.


The incorporation of varied headgear gives the ensembles just the right kind of exaggeration and glamour that gives the collection an elevation and makes the experience surreal. The most interesting is the styling of the boots and platform sandals with the ensembles and the chemistry between all the components of the overall outfits looks rather ravishing. The Block Platform Sandal With Metal Chain has a sophisticated regal look with gorgeous rhinestone embellishment on the chain that complements the detailed ensembles. The deep red of the platform sandals fits the color palette of the collection perfectly and pairs with the outfit seamlessly.


The layered outfits looked nothing short of magnificent, but the most intriguing was how the Block Heeled Chunky Ankle Boots beautifully amalgamated with the ensemble. The high platform boots with belt embellishment are a versatile piece and the ensemble depicts that adaptable characteristic of the heeled boots beautifully. The drapes and ruffles with the prints and layering complement well with the croc boots that act as the balancing element. It’s a treat for the eye to see it all come together flawlessly and for London Rag footwear to be an asset to let the collection shine on, leaving no crumbs!

Fashion is ever-evolving, ever-changing, and today, is all about embracing authenticity. Rocky Star showcased a collection that was a la mode with a beautiful homage to his culture while keeping in mind the trends of the time and also experimenting with many fields such as art, technology, etc. The main takeaway is the experience put forth by the ensembles that came together beautifully and showcased dark paradise grandeur in the most elegant way. Luxury brands are all about the experience, charm, and balance, and it’s safe to say that Rocky Star definitely outdid itself!