Seamless Style: Outfits for Unpredictable Weather

Seamless Style Outfits for Unpredictable Weather

As there’s a saying in Srinagar, “Snow in Kashmir is as unpredictable as the rains in Mumbai”. And for as long as we live in this country, we will have to deal with unseasonal rains and land-locked heat during summer and ironically they remain consistent every year. Not many cities in India get the winters they deserve (looking at your Mumbai) and given that cities are old friends with pollution, temperature changes are consistent. Whether you are in Jaipur or Bangalore, the afternoon sun will melt your face off. So the question arises, how do we wear our cute winter clothes during transitional months like June, October, and March? Also because the transition from cold to hot is too unpredictable, and often the afternoons are too hot for any of the cute winter wear. And in the midst of this, we have a wardrobe full of clothes that don't adapt to the “in-between” weather. Do we wear 4 layers of jackets in the afternoon heat or suffer the cold night when we return from work or college since we didn't wear clothes warm enough? But we are here to help all your mid-season fashion woes with what tops and shirts to wear where, what accessories to carry, what kind of trousers work, and which shoe will not leave you with sweaty feet or a heavy dry cleaning bill.

1. Cotton T-Shirts
Starting out, cotton t-shirts are always ideal to wear across India. Whether you are visiting India for the first time, or if you are traveling to a new temperature zone in India. In all different zones, wearing cotton T-shirts is always preferred, even during winter and afternoons you are bound to sweat. They are easy to clean and dry faster than other materials. While we know that nylon dries fasters; however, nylon is not suitable for higher temperatures or lower. Nylon is thin so it cannot retain body heat, and it is built to help your body cool down. But even in hotter temperatures, it makes you sweat and sticks to your skin as it’s made to be only worn for sports. So when it’s hot you will feel too hot; when it’s cold you will feel colder than others.

Extra Tip! Use sleeve lengths as transitional tools; start out with 3/4th or oversized sleeves on t-shirts. Ideally, oversized sleeves are the best for every weather; they are long enough to protect and open enough to make sure you don't feel too hot.


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2. Oversized Shirts
If you are someone who is working in the corporate world through the odd season changes, maybe switching to oversized shirts instead of slim-fit ones would help regulate your body heat better and comfort while traveling in public transport. They are also an excellent option for layering. They are boxy and breezy enough to ensure you don't feel too hot during the day and cover you enough to ensure you don't freeze for cold nights or even sudden temperature drops. Alternatively, if oversized shirts don't match your personal style investing in one Shacket (shirt-style jacket) might be a wise option. Especially if you don't like to wear shirts often carrying one shacket is a better style alternative; it is light and warm enough instead of one big jacket which is too warm for the season.

Extra Tip- Get a corset belt or an oversized belt to cinch in your waist on days when you want to look more put together!


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3. Sweater Vests
Some may call them overrated but they are actually the best outerwear one should invest in. They also work in summer when it’s too hot to wear full sleeves but you still feel cold in the office because of the strong AC. There are so many ways you can pair a sweater vest in ambiguous weather; denim midi-skirts and oversized t-shirts or even with spaghetti strap dresses that are normally too thin to wear out. You can wear them with short sleeve shirts, or with just camisoles which stay hidden behind the vests, and give you a cool and professionally chic look.


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4. Bolero Shrugs
Bolero shrugs which are immensely popular within the dancer community for being stylist sleek and lightweight enough to carry around. They are an extension of the shrugs we saw during the 2010s, but they are specifically made to keep your hands warm and protect them from heat. They make sure your arms don't feel cold in ambiguous weather. If you are someone who has cold hands and if your arms are usually colder than others boleros are perfect. They can be carried along everywhere without adding extra weight to your bag. And usually come in neutral colors to complement your outfits instead of making them look awkward. They add an extra layer of warmth for chilly summer nights or strong office/restaurant/theatre AC


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5. Trousers
Not a new idea, but there is a reason why most of our Nanas and Dadas used to wear wide-legged “suffarisuits” trousers in the 80s and 90s. They are the PERFECT pants to wear for ambiguous weather. They aren’t as form-fitting as modern trousers, make from simple materials, and don't stick to your skin in humid weather, nor do they leave your skin cold from inadequate coverage of any other bottoms like leggings or jeggings. And even though long gone are the 80s when women were not spotted wearing trousers, we get to bring back “suffarisuits” with a modern twist!


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6. Midi Skirts
Another blast from the past, the midi skirt trend from the late 80s and early 90s; and all of our moms' favorites. They are the best for unpredictable weather, perfect for mild winters, summers, and even rains. They can be paired with t-shirts or shirts, used as a layering piece, and go with almost every shoe on this planet (except- men’s office dress shoes). You can recreate a typical 90s grunge look with brown lipstick or a classic 80s look with a more summer palette and we think this could be your newest go-to outfit combination for the changing seasons.


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7. Loafers
Loafers are a special type of shoe considering they have been around for almost a century, and the modern chunky and trendy version of the shoe was introduced by Prada in 1996. It is no joke that Gen Z loves investing in a fashion that's unique and functional; thus the rise of chunky loafers in the last few years. And in a way, they do remind many of us Indian Gen Zs of the ridiculous mary jane school shoes we had to wear in school; which were ideal for any season. These obviously look more edgy and are easy to pair with literally any outfit. And it’s a perfect alternative to boring dress-up shoes that many corporate offices require as Gen Z enters the workforce. And did I mention that it’s perfect for the rain?

Extra Tip- Buy adhesive padded protections to use while you get used to the shoe since loafers' stiff materials can leave you with potential shoe bites! Breaking into a loafer doesn't have to be painful!


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And lastly, listen to Pinterest only as much as your own needs. Looking as cool as Pinterest outfit inspirations is only good if you live in similar weather situations. Someone in Mumbai cant wear weather with a blazer on the coldest days; given the humidity of the city. But we believe that a good pair of boots or loafers are ideal pan India. Dressing up to figure out what staples work in your region is the best way to make sure you don't suffer because of fashion; fashion doesn't have to be another form of torture on top of the heat!