Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!

Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!

It’s all fun and games when styling outfits until the realization hits that you have to do so every morning. Even if you are organized unlike most and put together your styling outfits the night before, the process can get monotonous after a while. And if you are part of the majority where you count the second till you are out the door, the fashion styling of your outfits can be a hassle in the morning, even stressful at times, especially for work. The current trends definitely help us in choosing outfits but fashion inspiration can sometimes be hard to come by. With so many fashion trends at our disposal, to make your mornings easier, London Rag brings you some outfit inspiration that will help you build your fits! So, go on for some style inspiration that you can buy to build a new wardrobe or make better of the existing one.

Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!1

It’s all about relaxed fun with this outfit! The pale pink t-shirt with the knot detail and the brown cow print pants pair well. The fun part is the addition of the leopard print sling bag which is quirky and mixes well with the brown of the cow print. The sneakers are a cool look that blends well with the whole casual outfit!

Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!2

The outfit is a classic with a twist of trendy. The timeless pairing of a plain white top and blue jeans cannot be underestimated. But the side-taped jeans elevate the look from basic to trendy. The pop of color from the bag adds fun and lively element to the fit. The sneakers are also cute with a little blue daisy. And you cannot go wrong with thin rim sunglasses added to an ensemble!

Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!3

The perfect date fit exists and this one is lit! Cool, sexy, and sassy! The bodycon maxi dress is fun but sexy with the tie-dye print and the body-hugging fit. The braided strap heels are a flirty addition to the mix but still subtle with their neutral color. The sling bag/handbag in white is functional and goes well with the whole neutral color palette of the outfit. The sunglasses are a sassy element that says, “No bs, please” and go perfectly well with the other clothing and accessories.

Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!4

We love a good print on print action and this fit is fun and adventurous max! The beautiful short sage summer top is light and pretty and pairs beautifully with the yellow checkered skort with slits and buckle detail. The skort is trendy, stylish, and has a hint of the dark academia aesthetic which is intriguing. The strappy tie-up heels add some sexiness to the mix and the mini sling bag is a fun element. Altogether, the outfit is chic, fun, and sexy!

Some Late Summer Style Inspo With London Rag!5

The easy work outfit. A staple in every wardrobe. You can hardly ever miss with trousers and a blouse. The perfect pair for work wear. The plain shitted trousers are sleek and sharp, paired with the sleeveless top with ruffles is basic but formal and aesthetically pleasing. The braided mules add some texture to the monotony and are easy on the feet with a soft cushion insole. The tote bag is ideal for work wear and pairs well with the overall simple ensemble.