Styling Sneakers For A Day Out

Styling Sneakers For A Day Out

Styling Sneakers For A Day Out

For the longest time, sneakers were just utility wear or for dressing down outfits that High School students could wear to school which would match their comfortable denim jeans and t-shirt combination. Making them the best sneakers for walking or running during school and gym classes. However, since the early 2000s, sneakers have been experimenting with different designs and making them more marketable to different sectors. For example, in the mid-2010s, wedge heel sneakers became a phenomenon, almost everyone owned them or at least wanted to own them.
While this trend died down, it was soon replaced by platform sneakers. Every company right from Converse and Vans to Nike was making these platform collections. Converse has diverged onto this trend more creatively than other brands with their Run Hike and Run Hike Motion shoes. We have listed down the best of classic and trending stylish sneakers for men and women in 2023. As Summer approaches we need a good pair of summer sneakers for weekend getaways and vacations. How to achieve the casual chic look with sneakers?


1. Sneakers with midi dresses

The perfect way to achieve the balance between dressing up and dressing down is to pair a midi dress with sneakers. The sneakers are casual and balance out the “dressed up” feel of a dress. For maximum comfort, midi skirts and dresses provide just the right amount of coverage to stay comfortable without accidentally flashing, and without getting in your way while walking. They are the ultimate summer combo that no one can question. It's sleek, and modest and can be easily styled to match any personal style or aesthetic.


2. Pair it with business casual outfits

The best way to ease into the week on Monday and ease into the weekend on Friday is by remaining comfortable. But if your work calls for “business casual” wear then a fancy pair of sneakers is the best way to stay comfortable and within the dress code. Think structured sneakers like Adidas’ superstars or Nike Airforce. These are relatively simpler pairs that can easily look more dressed up than Converse. Converse may be more suitable if you're an intern but not for a full-time senior employee. Pair this with any neutral-shade blazer that you have in your wardrobe. Preferably avoid black blazers, opt for dark grey or navy blue ones.


3. Oversized accessories like sweater vests

The fashion gods blessed us when they brought back sweater vests, and while every dark academic aspirant wants to wear Gucci loafers with sweater vests I think sneakers would be the best idea if you do not want to sweat your feet off during summer. Sneakers are more airy, comfortable, and sweatproof than loafers. Sweater vests are ideal for ambiguous weather when the seasons are still changing or during a colder rainy day in the middle of July. And you can style sweater vests and sneakers with anything right from skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, or even jeans.


4. Matching sets

Matching sets are still quite an underrated trend for rightful reasons but they are the best option for lazy days. You don't want to wear a dress or a jumpsuit but still want something coherent? Our favorites are monochrome ones which can be easily dressed up or down. The goal is to make dressing up easy and a quick process. To dress up a matching set and sneakers outfit all you have to do is add a jacket and a few necklaces. The whole look goes from lunch after the farmers market to a going-out club look.


5. Mini dresses

Even if it's 2023 and it's been about 4-5 years since the Fila disruptors trend died the combination remains ingenious and perfect for a picnic or day out at the amusement park. Styling sneakers with dresses and skater dresses was its predecessor and we can't wait to see how this trend evolves in the future. But essentially we know that chunky sneakers with short dresses are the best juxtaposition.


6. Jumpsuits

Looking like an animal crossing character ready to go farming is the ultimate fashion goal (sorry vogue). Summers may be the most energetic time of the year, but the energy can quickly fade if you're too hot in your outfit. Being comfortable is ideal but finding the right fabric and adequate coverage without any discomfort; jumpsuits are the solution. They are easier to manage than dresses, lighter than denim, don't stick your skin like leggings, and prevent chaffing like shorts. The only disadvantage of jumpsuits is the peeing part, I'm sure that can be managed. Jumpsuits with sneakers are the way to awaken your inner child during summer and just have fun without worrying about how your clothes look; because it's just one fabric.


Sneakers have to be the most versatile pair of shoes to exist after boots. They have been the secret staple in everyone’s wardrobe for decades, but people are only now styling them to their potential. Casual sneakers outfits have only become a thing in recent years. Sneakers have been quite sneaky that way, but that's their whole point. They have gone from being gym class and high school staples to becoming a whole fashion subculture of Sneakerheads.
Provided that is this one of the summers we are looking forward to after being on the Covid-19 lockdown; everyone’s bound to be excited about their plans. Comfort and fashion are at their battlegrounds but we say fashion is fun and can be made comfortable as per your preferences. So wear those sneakers to concerts, cafes, brunches, vacations, or even outdoor activities.