Summer 2024: A Romantic Fashion Affair

What sets loafers apart from the other shoes

Summer has blossomed and so have our hearts. This season brings the romance out of us with its fresh, fun, and easy feel. With a bright yet subtle color palette and the bow fashion springing up around every corner, we sure do feel the love around us. Love comes in many forms for many things. Self-love, romantic love for a partner, love for your job, and love for FASHION. Love leaves you spellbound and happy, and gives you hope. Hope to indulge, grow, and evolve.

Then comes fashion, and with this year’s delightful spring-summer trends, what’s not to adore? This summer fashion is all about summer dresses, fringes, bows, sheer, florals - preferably roses - all things ‘girlcore’ are on board. The light whimsy and dreamy aesthetic is running high amongst us all. Now, this blog isn’t being written as just a fun read but an experience, a way to look into yourself and find the love forms that suit you the best. There’s no one way of love. It comes in varied waves and expressions, and today we’re indulging in expressing different kinds of love relationships, through some summer cool outfits.

What’s the first thing that pops up when someone says ‘casual’? The most basic fits can make quite a distinctive impression if you add an accentuating dramatic pop. Similar to situationships (sorry not sorry). Romance no matter how thrives on drama, and this fit proves it! In the modern era, we all crave a bit of drama to break the monotony of our chaotic lives! Here, the basic jeans have a twist with the ripped detail that elevates the fit to some allure, while the corset crop top subtly adds to the sensuality. The main event is the pop of pink slip on sandals that exhibit the fun element that is known to be in situationships. The fit is easy with a hint of sexy and just fun enough!

Innocent romantic love which starts with walks by the lake progresses to picnics and turns into courtships. The kind of romance that flutters your heart and thrives on its naivety and softness. The ensemble depicts the elegance of pure romance with a soft pastel color palette. The wedge espadrilles add a bohemian touch that just adds some fun to balance out the softness of the dress. The whole ensemble has romantic beach rendezvous vibes, perfect for your island getaways.

Can’t deny, we all love a bit of bad romance in life! A bit of drama, a bit of spice, a bit of edge.

The ensemble is all about making a bold and dramatic statement with the faux leather red mini skirt and mesh slingback sandals. The white tee balances and brings together the otherwise loudness of the other pieces. Unapologetic and boldly expressive, a bad romance fit is about lighting fires in hearts and flaunting your romance unabashedly. And what’s this hot weather without some punk summer outfits!

The best kind of love is self-love, and it can be a bumpy road, but it sure does add some shine to you and your life when you accept and love yourself, unabashedly. Self-love is a therapeutic process of acceptance and being soft and kind towards yourself. The kindness you show towards yourself makes you confident and generates the dedication to be your authentic self. The outfit showcases these elements with the cozy corduroy top with comfortable and easy-breezy vibes. The checkered skort is just the right amalgamation of chic elegance with a fun touch due to its eclectic silhouette. The metallic ballerinas, a summer staple, are cute yet make a subtle edgy impression which represents the confidence you gain with the power of self-love! The whole ensemble is right on with the trending ‘girlcore’ with a soft palette and summer charm.

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