Taking care of Wardrobe in Lockdown: Declutter and Reorganize

Surely, cupboard cleaning, sorting and dumping is an annual routine and most probably around Diwali. But, given that we have so much time around with #Lockdown2 in scenes we have got you a list of to-do’s to keep the wardrobe all cleaned and segregated.

After all, when we are through this – we would want to let ourselves enjoy outdoor scenes, work schedules and everything to the fullest.

Before we begin, get set with 3 questions: Do I need it? Will I wear it again? Is it old, out of fashion or gone rough – can I donate it or pass it to someone in need? It will get easy to de-clutter the space and you will find a lot of space for new things.

  1. All to floors: We mean everything should be on the floors – gather the remaining hat, jacket or jeans from the stands or fresh laundered piles to the area where you have assembly. This should be a comfortable space – start segmenting.
  2. Remove the expired items: Under garments, socks and handkerchiefs have a shelf life and if you find the elastic gone long before and have kept it just because you love the number game – this is not reasonable to stock pile wastes. Instead get the ones which feel and make you comfortable (and confident).
  3. Bags and Shoes: We all invest here. Many of these might have been classic pieces or a memory itched to it – decide how you want to keep it. It you find them old, metals corroded or faux leather all striping up then it’s best to discard it. Same with Shoes – the old ones might not fit sometimes or look to tacky according to age and fashion. Get the pure leathers all polished and pampered if they are up to date and still worthy of your style.
  4. Bling it more: Dust off the sparkling sets and beautiful jewellery sets you own! If they are all huddled in a drawer or entangled in an un-manageable manner, get yourself an organizer or google out some fantastic DIY for jewellery organizer boxes and ideas. This will be surely one great idea to carry in the free time you are loaded with.
  5. Get it painted – the wardrobe/cupboard/organizer we mean. Sheet it up or smoothen the rough edges/ remove corroded and broken hangers (they damage smooth fabrics), throw the old tags (not if you are a collector – that’s an incredible hobby btw) – get the hardware done or makeup a list of things you can get post lockdown.

After you have done this, you realise:

  1. You had really pieces that you completely forgot about and can’t keep off the excitement to try it on first opportunity.
  2. Some old dresses and sarees: We Indians have plethora of collection especially when it comes to ethnic wears. Go to the tailor, get them refurbished or revamped. After all, woven brocades and Banarsis are in trend!
  3. Not tried enough: Did you come across an awesome pairing idea – this with that, along with ___? Yes. So, why don’t you just experiment a bit more. Many things under looked and many things over looked – time to balance it out!
  4. Drowning in memories! Some might have made you real emotional and why don’t you try getting into it again? It can be motivational to lose some weight or gain even! Or indeed a moment of happiness if you are on a better side of life – time for some gratitude.

We are sure, re-organizing your wardrobe will prove an awesome task this lockdown and you will enjoy it. And we motivate you to donate. Donate the old ones to needy and helpers. If the apparel has gone rough and all unravelled better to supply it to markets where they regenerate fibres and recycle it. Happy Lockdown!