The Must Have Basics In Your Wardrobe

The Must Have Basics In Your Wardrobe

There are some fundamental pieces in the closet that we just can’t part from. They’re what we go to when we’re in need of inspiration or doubt, or well, both. They’re the pieces that sometimes are the base for any outfit. These pieces can never go out of style and are classics that are a must-have in a wardrobe. London Rag believes that basics are what make wondrous outfits and you can never underestimate the power of good styling.

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Styling your outfits out of the basics in your wardrobe is also an avant garde take on your fashion, which is sustainable, and very fun if you broaden your horizons. Hence, here’s a list of basics that you need to jazz up those clothes into varied outfits!

White Tshirt: A white tshirt is an absolute necessity. Light, simple, and a go-to on a bad day, a white tshirt is a savior at most times. But the best part is that it is also a great layering element and can be styled in innumerable ways that are all different yet impressionable. You can style it with heavy oxidized jewelry and some denim shorts for a dark bohemian look. Or layer it with a bralette over it or a shirt underneath. It’s like a canvas that you can layer on top of and it would look stunning in fall and winter. A white tshirt can be worn in any season and in multiple ways too.

White Shirt: You can’t not have a white shirt in your wardrobe. Versatile, comfy, and stylish, a white shirt can be used in varied ways be it formal or informal. You can pair it with literally any bottom and change the whole look of the clothing with some fashion hacks. You can pair it with some trousers with minimal accessories like pumps or high heels, and some minimal jewelry and you’ll have a fairly formal look. If you want casual, pair it with some jeans or shorts and accessorize with some statement jewelry pieces like hoops, a sling, or a shoulder bag with some sneakers. You can experiment with turning the shirt into a wrap top or an off-shoulder shirt.

White Knitted Sweater or Vest: A white light sweater or a vest is great for layering and can be worn in all seasons in many ways. You can wear a light white sweater or just the vest on a light chilly summer night, paired with some booties or sneakers with maybe shorts or ripped jeans. For fall or winter, you can layer it with long coats or a shirt underneath with a scarf around the neck, some knee length boots would also look great with it.

Black Pants: This is a staple and no individual can be without these. Black pants are a staple that nothing can replace. They are timeless and can be paired with almost anything and you’ll look stunning. Be it any kind of pants, leather pants, denim jeans, trousers, it definitely is essential in the wardrobe. Pair it with crop tops, tunics, shirts, and blouses, they work well for almost all occasions.

Black Pumps: Another must-have in your wardrobe should be a pair of black pumps. They’re great for formal as well as informal occasions and pair well with any and every outfit. They are a go to for when you don’t have footwear for a particular outfit and are a safe choice for whenever. They go well for parties, weddings, and even outings with friends. Sexy, versatile and a great backup, you HAVE to have a pair of pumps you love, because they definitely are a love story that hurts but is oh so beautiful.

Summer Dress: Summer dresses are so much fun to style. They’re easy breezy to wear, comfortable, and extremely chic. And the best part is, layering them is so much fun! Many people think that summer dresses are for, well, summer, but layered with a fitted turtleneck underneath, a long coat over, a scarf around the neck, and you can do a lot with summer dresses, especially a white summer dress, during the other seasons. With color blocking being a huge trend now, the summer colors paired with white or some more bright hues are sure to make an impression, be it in any season!

Denim Jeans: Denim jeans are like salt to food, they just have to be in your wardrobe. There’s not one person who doesn’t own a pair of blue denim jeans. It’s a universal staple of the fashion world. There is a ton of variety in jeans, be it ripped, mom jeans, flared jeans, ripped jeans, from which you can have the one that flatters you the most.