The Perfect Pants for Summer

The Perfect Pants for Summer

It’s often been said that pants are fashion’s emblem of power. Take Whitney, for instance, who famously asserted: “I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.” With such great abilities, why must we restrict (or rather, only feel inclined to) wearing pants when we’re in colder spaces? Let’s break out of this momentum and make pants wearable at any location, in any season. You may feel lost as to where to start, but just remember, it’s only because you don’t have any of these breezy lightweight summer pants in your wardrobe… yet. So get ready to have some fun in the sun with your new-favourite boss and breezy pants!

1. Utility Pants

We’re opening up the collection with utility pants. Loose fit, twill fabric – it all just screams comfort. Available in the perfect summer colours, these pants are great for those casual warm days when you don't want to feel tight but still want to look presentable!
Recommended pairing: crop top.

2. Cigarette Pants

Next up are the infamous cigarette pants. Its straight cut emits a very professional vibe, rendering it the perfect pants to wear to work on a nice summer’s day.
Recommended pairing: white blouse.

3. Striped Pants

It’s true what they say: you can never go wrong wearing stripes. These mid-rise, slouchy London Rag pinstripes would liberate your legs from any suffocation. To embrace the newest trend of print on print, complement these pants with a different printed top.
Recommended pairing: shorter and tighter top.

4. Casual Pants

Nothing spells out summer better than mint green clothing. These solid toned, straight cut plain pants are great for when you’re on the go, when you’re at work or when you simply want a casual and cute day out.
Recommended pairing: graphic or patterned top.

5. Relaxed Pants

Every girl needs a loose-fit pair of pants to save them during the screeching hot summer months. And these vintage-looking jeans do just that! Its corduroy finish gives the whole look that one-of-a-kind edge.
Recommended pairing: solid coloured or patterned top.

6. Zipper-Slits Pants

Did you say you wanted more bossy and breezy? We’ve got you covered. For a little leg action, opt for these zipper closure slit pants that will keep you comfy and vibey. Put it all together with a cute crop top, some stylish shades and you’ve instantly just up’ed your style cred.
Recommended pairing: cropped or tank top.

7. Even More Relaxed Pants

Calling for extra cosiness? It’s time to kick it back with this comfortable, sleek and easy-to-wear solid mauve trousers that just sets the summer mood.
Recommended pairing: solid coloured top.

8. Mesh Pants

An absolute athleisure delight, a great sheer escape – all with a touch of metallic! These mesh pants put all other track pants to shame (no shade!). Watch heads turn whenever you strut in these stylish and gorgeous babies.
Recommended pairing: cropped or printed top.

9. Wide Leg Pants

These slightly stretchy pants would work for any kind of summer activity you’ve got planned! Keeping you cool and stylish 24/7, these are the pants your seasonal closet has been thus far deprived of.
Recommended pairing: tank top.

10. Flared Pants

Although this is the last mention, it certainly is not the last in the collection. But we draw this blog to a close with the iconic flared pants. While the cotton material on these babies is maybe a little thicker than the other fabric here, the wide legs relieve your skin and give you that breathing room.
Recommended pairing: white cropped top.

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