The Perfect Summer Outfit: Women's Shorts and Skirts

The Perfect Summer Outfit: Women's Shorts and Skirts

With summer comes big smiles and a bigger wardrobe because there’s so much to play with when it comes to beautiful hues and silhouettes! Now, beating the heat and looking stylish can be a hassle most of the time, but our array of shorts and skorts are the ultimate choices for this summer's chic essentials with their chic and comfortable fit. Whether it’s a party night out, a cute date fit, or a stroll through the summer markets and fleas, there’s a skirt and skort for you that would make the cutest outfits ever! Today, we’re exploring London Rag’s shorts and skorts collection that can be styled in multiple ways to make perfect summer outfits that will definitely make this season your favorite till date!

    Let Comfort Be Key:

  1. Fit & Length -

  2. The most essential element for your outfit to be top-notch is your comfort and confidence in it. From micro mini skirts to Bermuda shorts, from slim fit to baggy fit, it’s all about what you feel comfortable and fashionable in. There are many varied silhouettes and cuts that could suit your personality and preference.

  3. Choice of Material -

  4. The key is comfort to ensure your summers are chic and fun. A comfortable and breathable fabric and a relaxed fit is the ideal way to dress in this weather. Lightweight materials such as cotton, linen, crepe, etc are flowy and keep you in a calm and carefree mood with their comfort element.

  5. How To Style:

  6. Linen shirts are a staple in any summer wardrobe, and also a versatile piece that pairs well with almost everything beautifully and is also rather comfortable clothing. Prints and patterns are a must-have in summer and matching prints can be quite a challenge as well as fun to style. Summer is all about vibrant hues, quirky prints, and a comfortable and relaxed fit to make sure you have the best time feeling and looking your best!

Effortless & Flowy Summer Skirts:

The Silhouette & Length:

Long maxi and midi skirts have been trending lately, especially in beautiful floral prints and varied hues. But the main element that plays the most important role is the length and the silhouette of the skirts. The right silhouette for you can really help the outfit be flattering and the length too can make or break the visual aesthetics of the outfit. Mini skirts also make an ideal choice with their versatility.


Flowy and lightweight fabrics like chiffon, cotton, linen, and even rayon look beautiful in skirts and can be comfortable to wear as well. Their flowy element also helps mold around your body better and accentuate your body in an alluring manner which also makes your outfit look stylish and polished. Leather skirts have also been quite popular lately, even though the fabric isn’t ideal for the weather, they sure do look sexy!

Styling London Rag skirts

Maxi skirts are a must-have this summer with their long and flowy aesthetic that’s romantic and alluring. Our wrap-style skirt is stylish and sophisticated with a gorgeous tie-up detail that accentuates the overall design of the skirt beautifully. The skirt can be paired with some of our crop tops, a white shirt, and even some graphic t-shirts to add a bit of grunge to the fit.

You can never go wrong with a mini denim skirt. An ageless style, this floral skirt has some pretty florets print that elevates the look of it. The little distressed detail also adds a trendy touch to the design of the skirt. The denim skirt is quite versatile and would make the cutest date outfit paired with a pretty lace top or a crop top and a sling bag!

A fitted long skirt? The world is your runway wearing this tube skirt! It’s perfect for work as well as casual outings. The best part of a tube skirt is the styling can be so much fun as it gives you the chance to go all maximalist on the upside, be it a chunky knit sweater, a crochet top, or a flowy blouse. Literally, anything would pair beautifully with this form-fitting long skirt. It also flatters the body in a sophisticated yet sexy manner with the way it just molds around your figure.

A plaid skirt will forever be iconic and our plaid mini skirt with the metallic chain embellishment. The mini skirt is also the ideal Korean skirt which has been trending for a while. A cropped polo t-shirt or a fitted top would look flattering on the skirt. Or if you’re leaning towards a maximalist aesthetic, pair it with a cropped graphic tee.

Shorts & Their Versatility and Adaptability:

Casuals For Daytime:

A pair of shorts are a staple in every wardrobe be it denim, linen, relaxed fit, or form-fitting, we all have a beloved pair of shorts that just fit and flatter us beautifully. Shorts are also a go-to for a summer outing being a versatile piece that can be paired with almost all topwear. Denim is the ideal choice when it comes to short, but we see plenty of skorts as well that have been a rage lately.

Glam Time:

This era is all about glamour and bling, and our collection of rhinestones embellished, faux leather, and distressed shorts are absolutely stunning. Evening shorts may look casual but can be elevated with gorgeous high-heeled sandals, be it platforms or stilettos, or fantasy heel beauties.

Styling London Rag shorts and skorts

The rhinestones definitely elevate the visual aesthetics of the distressed and embellished shorts and gives it a sophisticated glamour that is alluring. You can pair it with a white shirt as well as for a brunch outing and amp it up with a velvet top if you want to go all out for night time.

The elasticated casual shorts are perfect for casual outing from a casual lunch plan to running errands. Of course the shorts can also be dressed up as well as down and would also make a great element as a bohemian chic outfit.

When it comes to the ideal summer looks, women's shorts and skirts are your go-to options. From the ease and comfort of shorts to the elegant and breezy charm of summer skirts, there's a style to suit every occasion. Embrace the warmth of the season by selecting breathable fabrics and experimenting with varied lengths and silhouettes. Accesorizing thoughtfully definitely helps elevate your fits and pairing them with the right shoes to complete your summer look. With these tips in mind, you'll be ready to enjoy the summer in style, feeling confident and comfortable in your perfect shorts and skirts ensemble. So go ahead, embrace the sunshine, and make the most of the season with your fabulous summer outfits!