Jumpsuits as their name suggests were made for literally jumping out of planes, that was back in the 1900s. For the longest time, factory workers were associated with jumpsuits, since they were constructed as a utility piece of clothing. It covered them and lasted years. It was a less fashion-driven garment. Even the introduction of stiff denim dungarees and jumpsuits was to retain the garment for longer wears.

It wasn't until the 1930s when Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli designed jumpsuits for evening wear where she features a slim waist silhouette to make it look fancier next to evening gowns. But it wasn't until the 1960s that they became a part of mainstream fashion and almost everyone was seen in them. In the 70s they became a unisex garment that everyone could wear. Popular celebrities like Cher and Elvis Presley made them a part of their famous stage personas and often became synonymous with the style.

1940s Vintage Jumpsuits

Image Credits- Repro Vintage 1940 jumpsuits

  1. Office-Friendly Jumpsuits

  2. The best office-friendly jumpsuits are ones with a shirt collar, these jumpsuits fit well around the waist. It is essential they fit well around the way to make sure you look put together and not something you just threw together. There are days for loose fitting jumpsuits but on days that call for looking professional; stick to a solid colour, cotton-based fabric jumpsuits.

    Oprah’s White Jumpsuit

    Image Credits- The Ellen Degen DeGeneres Show (Warner Bros.)

     Utilitarian Jumpsuit

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  3. Streetstyle Jumpsuits

  4. Jumpsuits are often associated with kids, vintage factory workers and professional workwear, but we have seen a resurgence of jumpsuits in casual street style. With American street style taking a new edge on the streets of Harajuku, one of the most eccentric fashion capitals in the world kindred its resurgence back into American fashion.

    Along with that, in 2017 when the South Korean fashion and entertainment industry gained global recognition, many idols were spotted in overalls, jumpsuits and rompers for their album promotions. The most influencing acts of the time were predominantly through cute concepts that had childlike styling. As it’s made its way back, we can see edgier and loose silhouettes making rounds in global streetwear trends.

    Streetstyle jumpsuit

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    Faux Leather Overalls

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  5. Denim Jumpsuits For Errands and Clubs

  6. As mentioned previously, dungarees, overalls and jumpsuits have made their way back into mainstream fashion. Part of it is accredited to how jumpsuits became the unofficial “WFH uniform”. Followed with that it has also become a popular part of the farmers market aesthetic and ironically city chic look. It's the best way to dress down without looking underdressed, changing the t-shirts and tops you wear inside changes the whole vibe of your outfit.

    90s Overall Trends

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  7. Wide Legged Jumpsuits For Maximum Comfort

  8. Wide-legged pants, dungarees and overalls are possibly the best thing that 90s fashion brought in. As they lose their popularity by the early 2000s for being associated with children's wear, Balenciaga revived them in 2002 by making them more mature and sophisticated.

  9. Flared Jumpsuits For Brunches

  10. Brunches are always a tricky fashion moment, you want to look cute, and sophisticated and stay comfortable, and that's why flared jumpsuits or overalls are perfect for casual brunch dates. Fitted and flared one with a classic summer top, kitten heels and a baguette bag is your perfect ‘lower east side’ look! You could also opt for boots and some dress-up shirts for a more romantic look. Jumpsuits are versatile enough to suit everything you pair them with!

    Flared Retro Jumpsuit

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    Harry Styles Outfits

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  11. Satin Jumpsuit For Vacations

  12. Satin jumpsuits have a special place in fashion, they are easily the easiest to dress up for important events. Celebrated by women in workplaces and for vacations in Bali, the right to dress up for all weather and countries! It makes you look put together without putting in any effort. For this summer in the office or in Italy, go for an occasional professional-to-club look with a satin jumpsuit!

    Cher in 70s

    Image Credits- ‘Cher’ Pinterest

  13. Sequin Jumpsuits For Going Out

  14. The 70s was undoubtedly the best time for jumpsuits, with the disco rage and sequins making their way to mainstream fashion with Cher’s fabulous outfits at the Soni and Cher show. In recent years, as we have started digging outlooks from the retro costume archive, we have seen a resurgence in the sequin-disco-jumpsuit trend. It’s not a trend where you can see everyone in them, but with the new Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie release, where Margot Robbie is spotted in a classic 70s sequin jumpsuit, who knows?

    Sandra Bullock disco Jumpsuit

    Image Credits- Popsugar UK

    Cher Iconic Outfits

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