Wardrobe essentials you should always own.

11 Wardrobe essentials you should always know

Since last 1 year, most of us have traded our denim, dresses, skirts, and dressy outfits for sweat pants, tracksuits, and comfy slip-on. But can we get rid of our wardrobe essentials forever? We do not know how long is this Pandemic going to last, But a wardrobe filled with essentials will make it easy for our to work from home routine and give us, well-founded foundations for stepping out and getting back into our Post covid-19 life.
As the world is getting vaccinated and slowly resuming its normal routine let me give you a refresher for the wardrobe essentials that you will need to make your day-to-day life infinitely easy.
I know most of us are clueless about where to start when it comes to building up the essential section of our wardrobe. The below list will serve as a primer.

1. The ever-versatile denim

The world is currently living in their sweat pants and tracksuits, but can denim ever go out of style?
Jeans have never gone and can never go out of style. Invest in high-waisted, straight-cut ice blue denim. This denims look good with multiple dressy and casual tops and can easily go with blingy, strappy slip-on or dad sneakers or even ballerina flats. Moreover, you can style your pair of denim with a day or night look as well. Pretty versatile right?


2. The Easy Tank

The basic T-shirt is owned by all in-fact everyone has that one t-shirt in their wardrobe that they love and own for years. But isn’t basics T-shirts to done with? Come meet its sexier cousin.
Nothing can beat the cool factor of a tank top. The tank top has an asymmetrical deep neckline and ultra-thin straps making it a perfect outfit for summers. It also body-hugging which helps us flaunt our curves.
Pair this top with basic denim or baggy sweat pants or team it with a flowy skirt. I don’t think any closet is complete without this outfit.

3. From studio to street Leggings

A trusted pair of comfortable black leggings are a must-have in our wardrobe.
Do invest in the most comfortable and sexy-looking legging even though they are heavy on the pockets, because it will be the most important outfit in your wardrobe to fall back on.
You can wear these leggings while running for your grocery shopping or while working out or styling it with a spring jacket or even teaming it up with a simple T-shirt for your Work from home.

4. For Dungaree Love

Are you also one of those who love wearing Dungarees or a playsuit?
Invest in a denim dungaree and it will never go out of style…
You can either wear a simple T-shirt inside or wear it as is on a hot summer day. Or if you are a fan of experimenting just like us, team your denim playsuit with an off-shoulder top and some chunky dad sneakers and you are ready to rock this ever-chic outfit.

Animal print

5. New Animal Prints

As you might know animal print is very much in trend this season. Invest in a good animal print and on a bad day where you absolutely cannot understand what to wear this old animal print outfit will help u get out the door and get on with your day.
Leopard print has been there for a long time and is now considered neutral but since a couple of seasons snake print is trending and let me tell you, it is here to stay.
The print looks good in any shade and looks versatile with any kind of outfit, be it a dress or shorts or maybe even wide-legged pants.

matching co-ords set

6. The matching Co-ord Sets.

Matching co-ords have been in trend for quite some time now and are largely popular with fashion bloggers and celebrities. The best part about co-ords is you do not have to hunt for what top should be matched with what bottom since you buy them as a whole set and once you are bored of wearing the same top with the same bottoms, you can mix and match it with other outfits to get more looks and styles.
Sounds wonderful right? So save yourself some struggle and invest in some good co-ords and of course, there are matching set available for all occasions, seasons, and styles.

7. Statement blazers

Basic silhouettes and colors for the blazer are so last decades…
We all need that edgy look for work to make that impression right? Switch to a trendy silhouette with a color pop or go pastel. Both these blazers will do wonders for you for that extra something in the boring basic office look.
Moreover, it is a great outerwear substitute when it is not cold enough to wear a full-blown overcoat. Also, you can never go wrong with a blazer for a zoom happy hour.
Try a side tie-up blazer or an oversized one, or you could also go for a crop or a cotton blazer options are plenty. Also, you know girl where you need to shop for a trendy blazer.

8. Faux Leather staples

We have our wardrobe staples which we can never give away and definitely cannot do without. But this season try giving your staples a leather update. Leather looks good in everything right from dresses to jacket to pants.
Leathers are as easy to style as a basic white t-shirt and they add a texture and sheen to your garments and elevate your whole look. Trust me you will not prefer you’re basic once you get into the habit of wearing the beautiful leather staples.

leather staples

9. Lounge wear co-ordinates.

sweat suit

Seems like our runway designers have still not got out of their work from home comfort zone, so they thought why not design a few outfits to make you feel as comfortable as you are at home even when you are on the go.
I know some of you may argue co-ordinates were doing the round even before the lockdown... But don’t you think the trend has picked up many folds since we have to socially distance ourselves?

So this season invest in the baggy comfy lounge wear co-ordinates which are good enough to wear for your shopping sprees, Netflix marathons, lounging, and sleeping as well. If you ask me, I would go for pastel colours, it would perfectly go with the spring colors as well.

midi dress

10. Day to night Midi- dress

Well, a long strappy midi dress is so versatile that it is as good as a blank canvas. Accessorize the look well and it can be an evening gown, it could also be a beach dress as well as a day outfit.
The length makes this dress extremely comfortable to wear indoors for a family brunch and even for a walk on the beach or a cocktail night with your girls.
There are so many silhouettes and prints available to choose from and the best part about these dresses is they never go out of style making it a perfect outfit to invest in.
If I were you I would invest in a pastel-colored floral or leaf printed strappy dress.


11. The quintessential boots

Saving the most important one for the last. There is a reason why Olivia Palermo to Bella Hadid simply love chunky lace-up boots
They are chic edgy and practical. These boots can give a fiery edge to simple denim and T-shirt look. It can also make a simple dress stand out.
But I know it's spring and a lot of us think boots are for autumn & winter, but we could not be more wrong. Boots give an outfit the rockish vibe, this spring-summer season do not be afraid to pair your favourite boots with shorts or a strappy dress.
After all, Jessica Alba also did opt for a sleeveless dress with studded booties proving no matter what the season is your confidence and style matters the most to pull off those booties in summer.

This brings me to the end of this blog Let me know your thoughts on it and how it helped you in revamping your wardrobe? Also, do tell us what would you like us to blog about next?