What's Hot in Seoul? Exploring South Korea's 2024 Footwear Trends

What's Hot in Seoul? Exploring South Korea's 2024 Footwear Trends

Enter the ever-stylish world of South Korea, where shoe trends meet tradition but with glamour and innovation. South Korean fashion is impossible to miss, whether you're in the fashion capital of Seoul or exploring the markets of Busan. With bustling cityscapes and serene landscapes, South Korea is everything nice, stylish, and cultural.

As one would expect, Korean shoe trends will dominate the much-wow fashion scenes in 2024—offering more than sneakers. Join us as we bring some of the hottest footwear trends in 2024 straight from the stylish streets of Seoul. Whether you breathe fashion or are simply curious (more like us) about the Korean fashion scene, this journey is about to be game-changing!

A Glimpse Into The History Of Traditional Korean Footwear

While Seoul thumps with the best Korean shoe trends and boasts store brimming with sneaker trends, traditional Korean footwear history goes far beyond today's "best footwear for women" lists and fashion trends 2023! Let's get rollin'.

Traditional Korean footwear boasts an eclectic history that echoes the nation's rich culture and fashion knack. Take the gatsin or gat, for instance—a classic Korean hat crafted from horsehair and bamboo. Though not footwear, it's a staple accessory for men during formal gatherings, suggesting classiness.

Then there are Jeogori shoes, the go-to footwear for hanbok attire, known for their silk fabric and curved design, tailored to fit various social occasions. Moving on to the best footwear for women, the hwa or hwe shoes stole the limelight during the Goryeo and Joseon periods. These beauties, with their floral-inspired curved toes and intricate silk embroidery, were the epitome of elegance.

Meanwhile, men rocked the Nambawi shoes, featuring a simple leather design with comfy low heels—perfect for everyday wear. And let's not forget about beoseon, those trusty ankle-high socks worn with traditional Korean shoes to keep blisters at bay, still a hit for formal hanbok events.

While some of the South Korean footwear trends may have faded with time, traditional Korean footwear continues to steal the show at cultural gatherings and ceremonies, serving as a timeless reminder of the nation's vibrant heritage.

South Korean Footwear Fashion Trends Of 2024

We have everything you need to check out—from platforms for women to high heels, kitten heels, and avant-garde ankle boots. Get ready for oversized sneakers and gravity-defying platform heels; South Korean shoe trends are about to shake up the fashion scene like never before.

Kitten Heels

Get ready to step into the latest Korean shoe trends: kitten heels! These little babies are elegant and fun to add to every outfit! Kitten heels rule Seoul streets with their colorful designs and eclectic short-heel shapes. You can now enjoy a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe in kitten heels for women to keep up with the South Korean footwear trends.


Say goodbye to dull footwear! In 2024, sneakers are set to reignite the South Korean fashion scene once more. We're convinced they're the ultimate way to express your comfort-seeking personality. Whether you're wandering the streets of Seoul or rolling like a K-pop star, sneaker trends are sweeping the fashion world by storm, and rightfully so!

Thigh High Boots

Wander through the bustling streets of Incheon or hit the hottest nightspots with Korean shoe trends—thigh-high boots ready to set the footwear fashion on fire.

K-pop stars are the major trendsetters in South Korea, and they're so popular that you may find your favorites rocking them on stage and in music videos. Thigh-high boots are about to be one of the major Korean fashion trends in 202, wildly loved for their ability to create a long and lean silhouette, quite desirable in South Korean fashion.

Chunky Platform Shoes

Step up your outfit game with Korea's fashion trend of chunky platform shoes, expected to be all the rage in 2024. These shoes aren't for the timid. From sneakers that scream colors to towering platform-heeled sneakers, Koreans aren't getting enough of the chunky soles this year.

Ankle Boots

Let's explore the coolest streets of South Korea, where ankle boots are having a major moment. These aren't your grandma's ankle boots—they're fierce, fabulous, and ready to take your footwear fashion game to the next level. Ankle boots come in all shapes, sizes, and heels. Start navigating the streets of Korea with these head-turning heads.

Open-Toe Shoes and Mules

South Korea often experiences hot and humid summers. Open-toe sandals and mules offer breathability and comfort during these warmer months, allowing for better ventilation and preventing sweaty feet. They come in a wide range of styles, from heels for women to sneakers, making this footwear trend here to stay.

The Sock Fashion

South Korea has a surprising fashion obsession: socks! Forget boring old pairs hidden away in drawers. In Seoul, socks are statement pieces, bursting with personality.

Think of playful patterns that add fun or vibrant colors. Whether you're exploring the trendy streets of Gangnam or dancing to some K-pop music, a bold pair of socks can add a creative twist to any look.

So ditch the boring shoes (for a bit) and embrace the fun! Mix and match with fearless abandon – the crazier the combination, the better.