Why you should dress up London Rag style this holiday season?

Thanksgiving christmas

Clothes plays a big part towards how we carry ourselves everyday – our personality, mood and drive in life can most definitely be reflected through our stylistic choices. With that said, we ought to get out of our COVID-19 lockdown-at-home attire and get into the holiday spirit. For people who wear the staple colors – black, white, grey and navy, the holiday season is a great chance to really spice it up. Here are 3 reasons why you should get into the holiday spirit through changing up the colors in your clothes!

Inspire a chain reaction with your colleagues

Be the first in your social and work circle to start incorporating color into your work wardrobe. Apart from your morning routine, your fashion choice for the Zoom call can be another topic you can talk about in your meeting check-ins – who knows? Someone in your team might be inspired by your bold choice and follow your lead!

Brighten your own mood

In the beginning of quarantine, it definitely feels like time has slowed down – which in turn can lower our energy and motivation. But worry not because colorful clothes is a way you try to lift up your mood! Share the holiday spirit with your colleagues or classmates with your colorful clothes. Hey, maybe they’ll join you by wearing more colorful clothes to show how they feel – rather than just wearing the typical black, white, and grey outfits.

Separate work from leisure wear

An old band tee, a hoodie with matching sweatpants might be the way to go appearance-wise during the lockdown, but we need to get into a better mood and do right by the festivities! London Rag hopes the joy and positivity brought by the warmth of family, even its through Zoom, will help light up your days and also your wardrobe.
Now, if you’re still not convinced to change it up clothing-wise – let this wonderful selection of holiday colors become your inspiration to find something similar in your wardrobe or even add one of these items to your cart!

dress up londonrag stytle
dress up londonrag style