5 Ways to Style High-Waisted Pants

5 Ways to Style High-Waisted Pants

High-waist pants are a girl’s best friend, literally. They flatter all body types, and are always in style! They are also the ideal wear for literally everyone as it‘s best for a modest outfit as well as a sexy one. It’s all about how you style it, and we’re here to show you how you can pair several high-waisted pants outfits!

Let’s first discuss what precisely high-waisted pants are and how to wear high-waisted pants. High-waisted pants are basically high-rise pants that are cinched at the waist and cover about half your torso. It’s usually fitted to your waist and flatters your body shape beautifully. They were popularised in the 80s and 90s when the pants, mostly jeans, were cinched on top and then fell down in an A-line manner at the bottom, and came to be known as ‘mom jeans’ in the 2000s. The high-waisted pants are popular amongst the short girlies as they give an elongated feel on the lower side of your body and make you look taller.

High-waisted pants are also known to be essential, especially in a capsule wardrobe since they give a sophisticated yet alluring feel no matter which style, be it trousers, shorts, jeans, joggers, etc. Below we are giving you some tips on how to wear your high-waisted pants outfits in varied ways and what would be flattering on all body types.

Let’s start off with some trendy pants that are perfect for a transition fit from work to play! The high-waisted pants are versatile and encase your body beautifully with the elasticated waistband that hugs your figure and flatters your body. A blouse or fitted top is what we suggest to pair with these wide-leg pants so there’s balance in the overall outfit. The pump shoes are a classic design with an upgrade of the gorgeous embossed detail definitely adds an intriguing element to the whole ensemble. The overall look is minimal, formal yet chic and sophisticated, and the pants ideal as high-waisted pants for work. This look also makes a great transition fit if you add a fun denim or color-blocking jacket on top to make it an outgoing outfit! The pieces are also staples in a wardrobe with their versatility and can definitely be matched with other pieces in your closet.

Faux leather pants have been a ramping rage since 2022 and frankly, we can’t get enough of them. They may seem like an odd choice for the weather, but well, fashion has never been known to be rational and if you love it, wear it! We suggest keeping the faux leather high-waisted pants as the hero of the outfit and pairing them with a basic tee, here we have our pleated top that looks chic and cute. The heeled mules are absolutely ravishing and look stylish with the pants. The pointed toe looks sexy and bold and complements the ensemble beautifully! If you want a more maximalist fit, you can also pair the high-waisted trousers with a graphic ripped tee or an embroidered crop top, and for a sexier look, a corset top will never disappoint you. The pants are rather versatile and fun to style.

Cargo pants have taken over the fashion industry by a storm. We’ve witnessed them almost at all runways, and they sure are having a moment in this Y2K resurged era! These cargo jeans are a summer essential and look bold and chic, to complement the pants, we’re pairing it with a fitted top which balances out the bagginess of the pants and gives a good balance to the fit. The slip on sneakers are a cool and cute touch with the patches element and complement the ensemble well. The overall outfit is a casual but cool kid vibe that is trendy and fits right in with the summer aesthetic.

Summer is all about cute lunch dates and brunches, and this fit is meant to be worn on one of those outings! The checkered pants are elegant and stylish, perfect for a light summer. The ruffled top adds some depth and texture to the outfit while the green loafers add a nice pop and give the outfit an elevating and intriguing element. The outfit is day wear and the high-waisted pants are a reference to the 70s summer which was all about fun and being quirky! Also, high-waisted pants with crop tops are a whole mood in this era, a combo we all need in our closet, and a duo we can’t get enough of.

Another high-waisted pants with crop tops fit, we told you we’re obsessed, and you should be too! The polo tee with the mesh detail track pants just fit right and looks so cool and bold, it’s the perfect fit for a golf outing or just a run around the town with friends. The sandals add an accentuating popping element which complements the ensemble beautifully. You could also pair some sneakers, we we wanted to switch things up a bit and give it a more summer touch, and the sandals are quite a versatile piece too. The fit overall is a cool girl vibe from the 90s with a touch of the modern era and it’s safe to say it’s quite a vision!

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