7 things we would be missing from LOCKDOWN!

Unlock 1 rolls and we are here a bit at ease with basics such as travelling for work, to necessities and some economical activities which are necessary to keep everyday lives smooth and sailing. However, we wonder if we are going to miss this Lockdown once Corona virus melts away – which we sincerely wish.

  1. Liberty – Thy name is work from home!

In comfy pajamas, sipping favourite tea, glancing at window panes – summer changing to monsoon and we at leisure of laptop screens. The introverts had their time of life. Not bothering to change into formals and putting efforts to get ready is some kind of accomplishment, many would agree. Once we are back to offices and usual routine – we are going to definitely miss the times we had – fixing network to conference calls with colleagues and making a detailed report of it.

Thy name is work from home!

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  1. Binge watching

Online series on platforms such as Netflix or You Tube – from learning new recipes to watching favourite classics and new releases. This one is surely not the case once we are having to report to boardrooms in the office. People have explored internet in new ways; learning and upgrading their skills – culinary or horticulture.

 Binge watching

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  1. Sports and gaming – from real world to virtual

Chess, Carrom, Ludo, candy sagas and games in virtual world – from handballs and volleyballs to those having some space in backyards we have found people playing and loving it. Though we are going to be hooked for some time but surely would not be investing this chunk of time in it.

Sports and gaming – from real world to virtual

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  1. Social Media Extravaganza

From Facebook to Tik Tok, it’s been a total riot! People expressing themselves – sharing challenges and videos have been quite a rage. It seems baking cakes have become a favorite past time of many. Surely, once we hit the usual – less time would be spared and we would miss the kitchen fireworks while we have a cup of chai from the tea-stall next to office.

Social Media Extravaganza

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  1. Online Classes, Online conferences and Video Calls

From assisting tiny-tots of the house in their online classes and prepping up for one – sharing tutorials and guides online to joining online video conferences for important meetings – all has been laid to a definite way. Dressing up half good, taking a nap after an eventful work clearance and being simultaneously judging a freshly made delicacy at home seems the things on go. In our office cubicles, the best we could do is play with cuboids or chat a word after heavy meetings.

Online Classes, Online conferences and Video Calls

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  1. Family time

In this mad moving world, rarely do we find ourselves all surrounded by family. All bundled up together is a rarity – this will surely be missed when we flock to our duties and again be bound by limited morning courtesies and dinner diaries. Surely, lockdown has brought us closer to family and eased out stress from daily routine. We hope that we carry this forward and keep finding a way to make time for people who we love and who have our back.

Family time

Image source: The Indian Express

  1. Being locked up

Even the best of extroverts feel that they need a day off of compulsive weekend out, parties and night outs. To every one of us, lockdown has indeed shown better possibilities of being in happy state with minimal things. It has helped us value things, take good care of health, body and mind. Once, the monotony of everyday hassles hit, world is surely going to miss the peace it found in times of the pandemic that made 21’st century come to a standstill.

Being locked up

Image source: The Deccan Herald


With Unlock 1 unfolding, we wish that we return to a finer normal and that this time which has been an opportunity of life time to appreciate our work, our life and be thank full towards all things in general. London Rag India begins shipping to all zones except containment zones and you can shop with us from our retail partners such as Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Paytm and Snapdeal. Shop for women’s fashion: apparels, bags and shoes. Get quality merchandise at great offers running. Stay tuned!