8 Fashion Tips To Wear Your Heels Comfortably And Gracefully

8 Fashion Tips To Wear Your Heels Comfortably And Gracefully

Heels—the epitome of sexiness and an absolute essential to have an outfit-on-point.

Loved by people worldwide since the 17th century, it's safe to say this quirky and sexy footwear is here to stay.

Sure, most people love wearing a pair of heels at any given point; however, when talking about heels, there's always a simultaneous thought—the pain that comes with it.

When you're out partying, on your first date, or want to have your outfit on point in general, you want to wear heels that give you not only comfort but also a comfortable experience. Because, essentially, there's nothing worse than owning a pair of expensive heels yet having to struggle with the walk while wearing 'em.

Fret not, as we've listed below eight easy fashion tips every heels-lover needs to see to walk in their favourite pair of footwear comfortably and with utmost grace.

Scroll down below to check our list of handy fashion hacks to walk in heels the right way, and while you're at it, treat yourself to a new pair of heels to practise your new tricks on.

  1. Opt For Thicker Heels
  2. Stilettos or thinner heels can cause your foot to wobble. On the other hand, thicker and wider women’s heels decrease the risk of sprained ankles and twisted feet.

    Not only are thicker platform heels very comfortable, but thanks to various fashion brands, you can now find them in numerous colours and styles in one click.

    However, often, your outfit may call for a stiletto; well, you can, of course, wear one, but if you’re wearing them every day, it’s time to rethink your footwear option. When you opt for chunkier heels for women, it provides better support to your body. In a nutshell, platform heels or block heels help distribute your body weight across the entire foot instead of a thin heel sandal that concentrates the weight at only the heel or ball of the foot.

  3. Invest In Heels That Have More Foot Top Coverage
  4. High heels women’s shoes have been in and out of style for the longest time. But people still can’t get rid of high heels for all the right reasons. Thus, we believe you really don’t have to when you invest in heels that have more coverage on the top of your foot to be comfortable.

    Often, the lesser coverage near your toe area, the more painful or uncomfortable your walking experience will be. One of the best fashion tips you can have your hands on for that elegant walk is to choose styles that best fit your foot’s shape.

    You can invest in heels that don’t just have a tiny strap ankle causing only your toes to cover, but also in high-heeled boots or shoes with straps spread across the ankle and toe area.

  5. Instead Of Toe To Heel, Walk Heel To Toe
  6. The last thing you want when wearing the most beautiful dress is to look like an amateur in those heels. No matter how expensive your high heels are, if you walk like you don’t own the floor, it’s a waste.

    One of the best fashion hacks to look flawless while walking in heels is walking heel to toe instead of toe to heel. Do not put your entire foot down at once like you would when wearing flats for women. With much poise, first put your heel down, followed by your toes. You don’t necessarily need platform heels or block heels to walk heel to toe. Instead, this simple fashion tip can do wonders even when you’re wearing high heels.

  7. Take Smaller Steps When Walking
  8. Heels can be a woman’s best friend and the worst nightmare when you don’t know how exactly to deal with them. But, thanks to one of the simplest fashion ideas listed below, you can now use a walking technique that your parents used when you were beginning to walk as a toddler.

    “Take smaller steps,” as it is popularly said; with heels for women, it’s the same! All you have to do is take it slow and ensure you aren’t bending your knees more than you usually would. It is completely normal to have smaller steps, especially when you’re wearing high heels, as they shorten your stride. Do not get embarrassed by this, and take bigger steps—you may only end up tripping! One of the shoe experts’ recommended ways to walk in heels is—to always walk slowly, no matter what!

  9. Spread Your Toes Inside Your Heels
  10. When you want to walk with utmost grace in those beautiful high heels, all you have to do is spread your toes entirely inside them. Sounds doable, right? It is!

    As you take your baby steps in those high heels, let your toes give your feet some grip and balance by shifting your weight to the foot.

    They say investing in rounded heels is always better than those pointed-toe shoes! This makes sense because the toe shape actually makes a difference in what you can imagine. To avoid shoe pain, you can also get your hands on one of the best fashion tips for a comfortable walk—shoe insoles. We’ll talk about them later in the article.

  11. Walk In A Straight Line
  12. When you walk to have that walk of elegance in those pretty heels, imagine yourself walking in a straight parallel line. Never look down at your heels when you walk; instead, always look at the endpoint (the goal) of the ground you’re walking on.

    Shoe experts do not recommend looking at your feet while walking because you may look underconfident. Also, when you visualise a straight line and walk on it that goes straight towards the endpoint, you will have the most graceful walk in those high heels for women.

  13. Shop For Heels During The Day
  14. Did you ever imagine the time of buying your heels also matters when you have to walk in them?! Yes, when you’re out looking for platform heels or heels for women in general, try shopping for them mid-day. When you buy these heels in the afternoon, the chances of them being uncomfortable once you try them at home later in the day decrease.

    This is because, at the beginning of the day, your foot isn’t swollen— so you won’t end up buying tight heels for women. At the end of the day, if your foot is swollen, you will buy loose heels. To find that perfect pair of block heels, platform heels, or wedge heels, catch your foot somewhere in the middle of the day!

  15. Grab Shoe Inserts Or Silicone Pads
  16. Looking for a better heels experience? This is your cue to buy those over-the-counter silicone metatarsal pads and shoe inserts for a cushioning effect. These pain-relieving materials are so good, especially for high heels, that your feet will thank you for them.

    These balls of the foot pads are oval-shaped pads that go right under the ball of your feet. As these inserts are made of silicone, they help hold your foot more steadily in those heels, avoiding sliding of the foot. This can essentially help you avoid those painful shoe blisters and frictions!

    Next time, when you’re looking for fashion hacks to know the best ways to walk in heels, don’t forget to invest in tiny pads that go towards the bottom of your heels. Another quickest fashion tip is roughing up the bottom of your heels with a piece of sandpaper for better grip! Thank us later!

    The Bottom Line: Take Care Of Your Feet, You Only Have Two

    If most of us had to describe our relationship with heels, it would be, “it’s complicated.” Of course, sky-touching high heels can lead to the risk of ankle sprains or leave your feet aching. And we’re sure that’s the last thing you want after a good day of having your outfit and footwear game on point.

    When looking for heels or high heels, grab those that are 3 cm to 9 cm, as they’re the most comfortable ones. Heel height more than that can put more pressure on your ankles, lower back, and knees.

    To take care of your feet, ensure to soak them in bath salt, followed by moisturisation at the end of the day. Also, don’t just wrap them in socks; they need some air too.

    Happy Heels To You, Love!