8 Ultimate Fashion Trends That Are Ready To Rule 2023

8 Ultimate Fashion Trends That Are Ready To Rule 2023

Another year, another whirlwind of women's fashion trends, ready to take over our wardrobes!

Come on. We've all been guilty of having more fashion and shoe trends on our wishlist than some New Year resolutions. Thankfully, the fashion industry is always a step ahead of us, having staged its forecast on the best fashion trends—from bag trends to shoe trends, 2023.

However, each year, these chic style trends have only taught us one thing—choose comfort over anything and everything!

Some of the fashion trends for this year even go back to the 90s, like knee-high boots, but it's overall safe to say these—bursting with inspiration, fashion looks are ready to dominate 2023!

Find below, a round-up of the seven ultimate women's fashion trends of 2023 that you need to watch out for—from women’s strappy sandals and baggy jeans to belt bags.

    1. Baggy, Very Baggy Jeans

According to Fashion Expert Rachel Weingarten, denim in any combination is a trend that will be smokin' hot for 2023. Fashion trends have witnessed the rise of looser and more relaxed-fit denim over the years, but the baggiest jeans are ready to leave their mark as the favourite style trend this year.

Weingarten also shares that not only will flare jeans dominate the latest women's fashion trends, but we'll be seeing more baggy jeans than ever.

It may be time to keep those skinny jeans on pause (at least for now), as we're just going to see a lot of statement baggy jeans this year. And when we say a lot, we mean it.

    1. Formal Footwear And Clothing

Formal footwear and clothing are fashion trends that are on the rise this year, with the increasing demand for semi-casuals and formalwear for office events and even date nights.

The black suit may or may not be a wardrobe staple any more, as consumers are ready to experiment with more versatility in formal clothing. Thus, with formal occasions still being dominated by statement-making outfits, formalwear will continue to be redefined in 2023.

These sharp, formal statement pieces are best complemented with formal footwear—like women's wedges, shoes, platform heels, and sandals, so don't forget to keep an eye out for the best shoe trends in 2023.

Time to have your outfit game on point with classy formalwear and black-heeled sandals.

    1. The Corset Obsession

The year 2022 witnessed some waist-tucking, highly restrictive corset cuts that were supposed to look sexy. Well, they sure did look sexy (and Dua Lipa's fashion look was enough to convince us that the corset fashion trend isn't going anywhere), but we're looking at a more comfortable option this year.

This fashion trend is about a bustier top that's, of course, close to a corset but makes you feel more confident and empowered than ever before. Yes, even more than a corset would.

Thanks to many edge-cutting fashion brands, the latest women's fashion trends for 2023 will let you choose from various cuts—a Bustier Top, Overbust, Underbust, Cropped Corset, Tube Top, and so many more!

Team your bustier top, aka corset, with a blazer on top and knee-high boots below to keep up with shoe trends in 2023.

    1. Statement Belt Bag

To answer your question, yes, a fanny bag and a belt bag are the same.

The new year began long ago, so, well, it's time to get rid of all that baggage of 2022 and enter 2023 with fresh ones. And if you think we're talking about bags, you're absolutely right!

The biggest 2023 bag trends are ready to witness the hands-free, chic belt bags in vogue. Tiny enough to make a statement and large enough to carry the essentials, these belt bags will be one of the biggest fashion trends this year.

Belt bags' functionality makes them perfect for work while looking cute on a day out with the girls.

If you still haven't had your closet filled with these handy little beauties, this is your cue to buy 'em today.

    1. Red Hues

Yes, we know Valentine's Day is long over. But it looks like the fashion world is ready to keep the colour red running throughout the year.

At least twelve New York Fashion Week designers voted for red as the soon-to-be-everywhere hue of 2023.

At the Fall 2023 Ready-To-Wear Fashion Show too, fashion designer Gul Parang showcased bold and varied colours. However, the juicy red outfits with vibrant orange undertones stole the show.

The colour red has long conveyed a sense of poise, elegance, and power, and this year too, investing in saturated red clothing like—a bodysuit, blazer, tunic, to red hot pants will be a good idea. To go all out, don't forget to grab a pair of red sandals to make heads turn when you have a polished and powerful look.

    1. The Strappy Affair

Of course, experimentation in fashion is always welcome, but there's something about a traditional strappy sandal that simply feels right.

If you ask us, strappy sandals are one of those shoe trends that never really went out of vogue. Pairing these beauties with your baggy jeans or even a mini skirt will turn out to be the ultimate fashion standout this season.

Undoubtedly, fashion trends for 2023 are stomped with a heavy range of footwear options, but strappy sandals in white, gold, black, or even pink will be the purchase you won't regret.

    1. Jacket—Bigger The Better

Enter jackets, and they gave all the other fashion trends a run for their money.

When you invest in an oversized, boxy blazer or jacket, you're bound to look smart and bossy (if that's what you always wanted). From spotting your favourite celebrities donning a kick-ass blazer suit to models on runaways, these well-tailored oversized outerwear clothing are a must-have for all.

With brighter days come brighter colour palettes, so apart from the basic blacks, try various shades —like barbie pinks and lime greens, to subtle browns too. Pair them with baggy jeans and pumped sandals to max out this style trend.

Also, leather outerwear—especially jackets and blazers is so 2022, but can you blame us for the excitement as they're back to rule the fashion market in 2023, too?

    1. Knee-High Boots

Boots, high boots…knee-high boots, it's their time to shine.

Knee-high women's boots, in particular, are statement shoes bound to make you feel warm and stunning. The best part is you require minimal effort to stye 'em!

People's love affair with this trendy fashion look started decades ago. This fashion trend began in 1968, but with its cinematic moment in Julia Roberts' iconic Pretty Woman, the shoes have only seen the sun.

Not just it, even Anne Hathaway's legendary Chanel boots speech in The Devil Wears Prada to Ariana Grande's knee-high boots in her music videos, these shoes are legendary!

They can be so dreamy and bold that even when you pair skinny jeans with them, they'll allow you to look your best. So, even though we're ecstatic to welcome the other shoe trends, we don't think we're ready to bid adieu to knee-high boots yet. Not at least this year.