9 Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Changed The Fashion World

9 Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Changed The Fashion World

There were outfits that made a statement. Then there were dresses that made it to fashion houses and red carpets. And then there were some legendary, iconic dresses that made it to history and changed the fashion world.

Countless couture designers and fashion hubs all over the world debuted their dresses in shows and movies. However, only a few stood the test of time (and fashion) and enforced people to recreate and resytyle them one way or the other!

From Marilyn Monroe’s sultry white dress flowing dress to Julia Roberts’ red dress in Pretty Woman, these are the most popular dresses of all time that are here to stay and here to shake the fashion world even after 50 more years!

Let’s dive straight into nine iconic dresses for women of all time that rightly made their place for themselves in the fashion style book.

  1. Marilyn Monroe In The Seven Year Itch
  2. Marilyn Monroe deserves to be at the top of all lists for us. Keeping personal biasedness aside, Monroe’s halter dress from her 1955 film did not just become (way too) famous than the movie itself but became the most celebrated look of the actress too.

    The dress also made it to a 26-foot tall statue known as Forever Marilyn in Chicago, that even has a Wikipedia page of her own.

    Monroe shook the fashion world in the 1950s, way before fashion was a sentiment; this stunning white, one of the most iconic dresses of all time, has been copied and recreated by many since, and we couldn’t disagree. The gorgeous, ultra-statement dress was auctioned in 2011 for a whopping $5.6 million!

  3. Rachel Greens’ Mint-Green Dress
  4. All the Friends fanatics, this one's for you!

    Rachel Green's outfit game was so on-point throughout all seasons of the show that they successfully made for the coolest 1990s trends! From slip to bodycon dresses, her iconic dresses are some of the best wardrobe staples every woman out there needed to have then and needs to have now!

    Speaking of fashion, you truly aren't a Friends or Rachel's fan if you don't remember her iconic, ultra-sexy mint-green dress! With a classic silhouette, this is one of the most popular dresses of all time.

    Being one of the most popular dresses for women, this girl-next-door dress can be best accessorised with strappy sandals for women or classic black heels.

    Also, to effortlessly style this outfit as Rachel, style it minimally for a quick brunch, date night, or even an office event.

  5. Julia Roberts’ Red Dress In Pretty Woman
  6. Welcome to the world of Vivian’s most glam moments! Speaking of iconic dresses of all time, if we aren’t talking about Julia Roberts’ dress in Pretty Woman, we aren’t talking fashion.

    Of course, her dresses deserve way too much credit, but what caught our attention the most was the off-shoulder evening gown by Marilyn Vance, 1990. It has been largely referred to as one of the most iconic dresses in film history. Yes, film history!

    The stunning Roberts styles the popular dress with white gloves, not to forget the infamous jewellery box.

    It is a scarlet red sculptural column evening gown. The red dress has a low back, off-the-shoulder detail, a plunging sweetheart neckline, and a drape knotted around the hips. Roberts completes the look with a complementing ruby diamond necklace and white opera gloves. Undoubtedly, with voluminous sleeves and ruffled details, this dress is a 90s classic.

  7. Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress By Christina Stambolian
  8. Bringing you the infamous ‘Revenge Dress’ of the queen herself, Princess Diana!

    When we talk about Princess Diana, there’s, of course, more to her than her beauty and poise. It’s also about the effortless fashion she chose back in the day—from comfy loose pants to princess-cut dresses; they were truly one-of-a-kind.

    It was one of those scandalous nights for the Royals when Prince Charles admitted his love affair with Camilla on TV. The next thing the world was about to witness was one of the most classic moments as Princess Diana walked in one of the most iconic dresses of all time—a black mini dress.

  9. Kate Winslet’s Evening Gown In Titanic
  10. Woah, this list is filled with some beautiful women and their stunning dresses, so we couldn’t help but include them here!

    Titanic, a monumental successful movie, was one of the prime reasons Rose’s infamous beaded formal evening dress looked truly gorgeous. (Well, so was the movie and her beauty).

    The film featured absolutely classic costumes, but Kate Winslet’s exquisite Edwardian red chiffon dress is to date recognised as one of the best dresses for women.

    Thanks to many fashion brands today, you can now find similar outfits at one click and team them up with black heels or red stilettoes to make a fashion statement.

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  11. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress
  12. The beautiful Royal Family has long been part of the news for all the reasons!

    However, what made for a historical moment in terms of fashion was the Royal wedding dress of Duchess Kate Middleton in 2011.

    The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was one of the most anticipated moments in TV History, and so was the Duchess’s wedding dress.

    Created by Sarah Burton, Miss Middleton chose Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship. The absolutely gorgeous dress was a McQueen hallmark with seventy centimetres long train and lace work by hand.

    The McQueen white dress turned out to be an immediate fashion statement, as it was minimal and classic with meaningful details all over the gown—correctly being one of the most iconic dresses in the history of fashion.

  13. Emma Watson In Beauty And The Beast
  14. The epitome of beauty and grace—Emma Watson made it to this list of the most iconic and popular dresses for women! Belle looked as identical and stunning as the animated Disney princess in her billowing yellow gown.

    Fit to be called royalty, Watson made a statement in this beautiful yellow-tiered dress that shook the fashion world.

    The costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, stated that it was easily the trickiest costume because the world loved Belle's yellow frock in the original before it was recreated in 2017's Beauty And The Beast for Watson.

    This dress for women became widely available after the release of the film and can be paired with anything from wedge sandals to platform heels.

  15. Deepika Padukone On Cannes Red Carpet
  16. Walking the international red carpet, sure, seems too daunting and overwhelming. But not when the queen, Deepika Padukone, is on it!

    Donning a pink origami dress by Ashi Studio couture, Padukone’s Cannes film festival grabbed eyes worldwide when she walked down the red carpet in 2018.

    Fashion critics globally loved her look, and we can safely say it made it to the list of best iconic dresses of all time. After two long days of looking absolutely stunning, Deepika closed her Cannes diaries with this candy-floss-looking frilly dress that she paired with hot-looking stilettos.

  17. Kim Kardashian In Marilyn Monroe’s Dress
  18. Speaking of fashion, it is no surprise that we didn’t start and end the list with Marilyn Monroe.

    Kardashian’s dramatic transformation into Monroe swirled about 48 hours before the ball, and after the reveal of her look, we can say—for all the right reasons!

    The jaw-dropping iconic dress was a visual representation of the most American Kardashian wanted to do for her Met Gala look. The world stopped to look at the infamous glittering dress that Monroe wore six decades earlier, which Kim perfectly styled with perfectly blonde hair and minimal earrings.

    It is certain to mention fashion connoisseurs worldwide, including American pop culture, approved of this legendary dress and its iconic effect.

    Quick Trivia: Marilyn Monroe wore this dress in 1962 when she famously chose to sing “happy birthday” to President Mr John F. Kennedy.