Avneet Kaur's Style Slay Wearing London Rag!

Avneet Kaur's Style Slay Wearing London Rag!

A young talent on her way to greater things, Avneet Kaur is an actress, dancer, and social media influencer with millions of fans that admire and applaud her talent and intriguing fashion and style. She’s well-known for her experimental and versatile fashion aesthetics and strutting in trendy styles looking absolutely stunning. Avneet has without a doubt become a fashion icon and influences many youngsters who look up to her in awe. The most admirable characteristic of Avneet is how she can carry varied aesthetics and styles so seamlessly and with grace. From her red carpet looks to her everyday casuals, Avneet definitely has an edge and an eye for fashion that is flattering and alluring. Her expression of confidence and grace are what elevate her fashion and style and make a memorable statement.

Avneet’s fashion shows her youth, fearless, and bright persona. Her daring nature with clothing and accessories exhibits her vibrant energy and playful outfits. Her wardrobe seems to be full of bold hues and quirky prints that make a distinctive impression. Her fashion is relatable to the fans and that is why often we see many getting inspired by her outfits and incorporating the same in their own everyday looks.

Her ability to stay ahead of the fashion game is what sets Avneet apart as a fashionista. Whether it's adapting to the latest street style trends or experimenting with eccentric and not-so-mainstream fashion picks, Avneet is daring with her choices and pushes boundaries while giving way to new things.

Avneet’s fashion shows how meticulous she is with her fashion choices, from her accessories picks to makeup and hairstyles, everything seems cohesive and elegant, complementing and elevating the overall ensemble. She understands how to balance her outfits with her accessories and her fashion shows the sophistication and style of it.


It has indeed been an honor and a fun experience to see her donning London Rag’s fashion pieces and absolutely hitting it out of the park in terms of style and allure of fashion! The boots look stunning on Avneet for this Face feature and complement the sophisticated allure aesthetic effortlessly. Boots have been a big rage for the past year and no doubt Avneet knew how to make the best of it! The boots are also quite versatile and have that touch of a classic vibe with the crocodile embossed detail that pairs beautifully with the timeless pearls!


This other look is all about the vibrant hues and textures with color blocking technique which encapsulates the whole ensemble in a sophisticated and playful way. The stark contrast of the belt and London Rag heels elevates the overall look and looks simply mesmerizing in the photography. The glitter sandals with high heel stilettos are all things glamour and glimmer with a diamante embellished flower brooch on the ankle strap. The party sandals are trendy and stylish and perfect for cocktail outings or a night out to clubs or fancy dinners.


Avneet knows how to make a lasting impression even with casuals, and this fit is proof. The minimalist corset top with the ripped baggy jeans is a go-to this season. Keeping to the minimalist aesthetic, our London Rag heels with chunky platforms sure do amplify the look with their bold allure. The whole look is alluring yet elegant, classy yet trendy, and definitely a slay!

The second look is also casual but amped up with chunky sandals that are sophisticated yet give Barbie vibes in a subtle way. Avneet definitely knows her color palettes and how to work around them, but the most important is the silhouette balance which has been executed in this fit beautifully!


Truly obsessed with this look! The all-red monochromatic look definitely is a showstopper. We were truly thrilled and pleased when Avneet decided to pair our red glitter sandals with her ensemble which is chic and classy. The spool heel is trendy and complements the dress beautifully. The overall look definitely made a striking impression!


A beachy babe, Avneet took casuals to the next level with this summer chic look with a kaftan statement jacket and basic top and shorts underneath. The London Rag heels are a daring choice, indeed, and are the perfect summer pair that look absolutely stylish and adorable! The puffy upper has been trending and looks chunky and fashionable. Monochromatic looks have been a rampant rage lately, and this look definitely was awesome!

The color-blocking play also looks quirky and chic and is the perfect summer combo for this season! Orange and blue are one of the popular color theory combinations that we’ve seen trending on social media, and Avneet has done it and how!


Below are some of our this season’s favorites and similar styles to the ones Avneet has worn. If you are looking for more eccentric and trendy styles, head to londonrag.com! London Rag also has fashionable clothing and accessories pieces that can elevate your wardrobe to a vogue treat!