BBL Fashion and Its Impact On Women And Fashion

BBL Fashion and Its Impact On Women And Fashion

It has been noticed that prominent fast fashion brands have been selling some fab dresses online which have a particular trend derived from inspiration of leading fashion influencers and Hollywood icons. The risqué and bold, skin show clothes which would have been a major head turner even on the NY Fashion week or would have qualified for the bolded Red Carpet look a decade ago, now finds acceptance and has started to gain prominence. It has a fan following of it’s own. BBL has arrived!

The setback though is that it barely covers the body and accentuates a hard-to-get exaggerated hourglass figure. BBL has started gaining prominence amongst many women.

BBL Fashion

Image Credits: Ancre

Now, what is BBL? It’s an abbreviation for Brazilian Butt Lift fashion. It is a surgical procedure where fat is transferred to the hips and butt from other parts of the body to give you that hourglass figure. The fashion came to be when Kim Kardashian started posting her photos and being on covers in her almost-too-perfect figure. Though she went on record and confirmed she never had any surgeries to make her butt bigger, many noticed that BBL does not show in x-rays as the process is of going through liposuction which uses your own body fat. This gave rise to curiosity and also insecurities for women to look the same.

BBL Fashion
BBL Fashion

Image Credits: L-R Harper’s Bazaar, Just Jared

The Kardashians have always had the power to influence the masses. And insecurities are something that easily creeps into you. We’ve all seen the fashion adopted by the Kardashians, especially Kim and Kylie, with their barely-there bikinis, which slowly, somehow, turned into dresses and other types of clothing (if you can call the scrap there that). When brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing started selling these mesh, cut-out, fabrics with holes in clothing, women went crazy. The need to look a particular way so the clothes are flattering, the need to show off, and to achieve that, women could go to any lengths. Body dysmorphia can be brutal and cause you to want something regardless of its repercussions and dangers.

BBL Fashion

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BBL surgery comes with its own risks and dangers. Though the mortality rate is not as bad as it was a few years back, the effects on the body have been known to be fatal, and the aftermath of the surgery is known to be painful beyond imagination. With surgery being expensive in the US, many women traveled to places around to get cheaper operations. But with the lower cost comes greater risk. The doctors are known to be unqualified or under-qualified, many a time, and do 8-10 surgeries in a day, with no after-care. The surgery is known to be time-consuming, which is physically exhausting for the surgeons, and doing 10 in a day increases the risk of neglect and error. But the need to be recognized and ‘fitting in’ is too great for women to be mindful of the dangers.

Though some women are happy with the results and seem more comfortable and happy with their bodies after the surgery. And for some, it brought in opportunities and helped them upgrade their life, as the industry is all about trends and perfection. The impact of BBL surgery has been vast and has had its pros and cons.


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