Best of 2022: Comfy Chic which is Fashionable!

Best of 2022: Comfy Chic which is Fashionable!

The pandemic made us very laid back in terms of clothing as everyone was quarantined and working from home. We all adopted the comfy and cozy style be it because of laziness or as a way to find comfort in clothes during dire times. And for some, comfy clothes have always been the most important when it comes to fashion. Comfortable style does not necessarily have to be boring, it’s clothing that you feel your best in, you can look fancy and still be comfortable. It’s all about styling and finding pieces that are most comfortable and also chic.

While the majority of the world leaned towards maximalism and went all wild with their style, the other part of the masses stuck to the most comfortable clothes and style. And to prove that there can be sexy comfy clothes and even comfortable work clothes, we are here to give you some styling tips and suggestions to make your wardrobe fun but still keep it comfortable. London Rag brings you comfort in clothing and footwear with premium quality material that keeps you comfortable and looking stylish. We have varied designs and styles in clothing, footwear, and accessories, and strive to give you classics as well as trendy fashion pieces that can match different occasions and outings. So, read on for some cute comfortable outfits that you can find on London Rag!

A coord set will never lead you astray. It’s versatile, comfortable, and makes for a chic and trendy fit. Here we have a tie-up detail cami top paired with a belted pair of shorts. The coord set is easy and breezy with a tinge of flirty and fun. The feather heels add some softness and complement well with the clothing. To bring it all together, the ruched bag is beige and balances out the footwear. Coord sets are easy to style and the fact that you can style them with other clothes as well is a bonus altogether. You can find more colors in this coord set and more styles and designs on London Rag!

This cool girl outfit is all kinds of comfy and chic, perfect for a casual day out. And print on print is a trend that we just can’t get enough of. The casual striped top and pants are light and relaxed, the sneakers are also easy to wear being slip-on, and have a light cushion sole that cuts strain and keeps feet comfortable. The accent of the outfit though is the holographic fanny pack that just instantly brightens up the whole fit. Fanny packs are in trend and look uber cool with a fit. The outfit has a street-style aesthetic and is also relaxed and very stylish.

Party outfits do not always have to be uncomfortable and we are here to show you how. Comfortable pants are all the rage this season, and we see many varied types and designs in them. Here we have some relaxed pants with a wrap-around detail at the waist which elevates its look. Paired with a simple yet fun frilled sleeves top, and some fancy spool heels. The footwear has diamante detail which adds a bit of bling to the fit and the clear spool heel is trendy and fashionable. The bag has a shiny exterior which complements well with the ensemble and brings it all together well. A comfortable, chic, fancy and extremely stylish fit that will keep you comfortable yet looking like you are ready to dance the night out!

Blazers are raging this season like never before. Especially micro blazer jackets, be it cropped or fitted. The lean, snug-fit blazers are back in trend, though the oversized ones are still here too. Here, we are painting a beige blazer jacket with a plain, easy breezy white top underneath. The thong sandals with block heels are a classic with a cushioned insole that keep your feet comfortable and relaxed. The laptop bag is compact and fits all work essentials in an organized manner.

And there you can some comfy fits that look extremely chic and stylish. Looking fashionable does not always have to be uncomfortable. So, if you are looking for more such comfy fits? Head onto!