Can’t Squeeze Time to Work Out? Wear Fitness Clothes and Trendy Ladies Sneakers for Motivation!

Wear Fitness Clothes and Trendy Ladies Sneakers for Motivation

Being a city girl myself, I know the struggle of juggling a 9 to 6 job and tons of miscellaneous errands. As time goes by, yoga, jogging, and going to the gym have completely been scrapped off of your to-do list. Feeling desperate and suffocated? London Rag is here to suggest workout clothes and trendy sneakers for women that you can wear on a daily basis, so that your daily wear can re-ignite your workout motivation!


zip it up yoga marble bra smocked wide waistband pants mesh top active sneakers puffer style crop jacket

The marble print on our sports bra gives an elegant outlook. Pair it with our relaxed-fit waistband pants so that you can enjoy utmost comfortability! Finish the outfit with a pair of plain white sneakers as you don’t want people to lose focus on the fabulous marble details on your sports bra. Lastly, wear a white in style jacket outside to keep yourself warm. This fashionable yet comfortable activewear outfit allows you to go for a casual lunch date with friends as well as reminds you to get active!


hoodies with drawstring melange mesh hem biker shorts chunky all around lace up sneakers

Living in a city where countryside accounts for 3 quarters of the space, it is a huge bummer that we sometimes get too exhausted from errands to go for a run and admire the picturesque view. To make things easier, London Rag suggests slipping into this jogger outfit as casual daily wear. Slipping your arms and legs into comfortable hoodie and stylish biker shorts allows you high flexibility in movements. Stepping your feet into a pair of sneakers will encourage you to move your legs around too!

Stay-at-Home Gym

tie dye sweat top mesh zipped up track pants

The last outfit we recommend is a stay-at-home wear. I totally get the feeling of wanting to get off your butt but your couch is just so forcefully convincing you to stay home. We suggest these ultra-comfy sweat shirt and track pants so that you can enjoy the comfortability attached to your skin whilst the vibrant colour on the outfit will spark your desire to move around and work out!

First step of getting back into the fitness routine is equipping yourself with comfortable activewear and a motivated mindset. Go to London Rag and take a glance at our jacket and shorts outfit collection and start moving!