Crystal Clear Chic Trends: Women's Transparent Heels

Crystal Clear Chic Trends: Women's Transparent Heels

The fashion industry is ever-evolving with new trends coming in every month or so and making their spotlight even for a little bit of time. One of these trends that we just can’t seem to get enough of is transparent shoes or PVC heels. The perspex heels have taken us by storm with their Cinderella aesthetic and come in many varied silhouettes and designs. They are the perfect amalgamation of sophisticated elegance but also have this underlying allure that stands out and looks extremely fashionable paired with almost any outfit.

Dipping into the crystal clear heels trend, they are of course more durable than faux leather and certain other materials and make them a good investment while giving you the sublime illusion of walking on air. The clear heels are also quite versatile with their transparent nature and also make great transition shoes that go from day to nightwear seamlessly.

One of the reasons why transparent heels gained popularity is that in an outfit, they give the illusion of elongated legs that flatter the lower body beautifully and give the ensemble and the wearer a sexy demeanor. Pointed toe heels especially work best for this technique of elongating the lower body and making you look slender.

The sheer or clear heels are also quite versatile which makes them an interesting piece to style be it for fancy occasions, casual outings, and even parties. Our wide range of transparent heels also caters to varied moods and personalities, and we assure you there’s a pair of transparent heels for women for every personality at London Rag. From bold to sexy to elegant, there are sheer heels for every mood and aesthetic.

Transparent heels truly are a versatile piece with the way they blend into an outfit and are more a part of your outfit and don’t take over or overwhelm your ensemble. They are the perfect foundation to build an outfit on and seamlessly act as the base of a look which makes them an ideal go-to pair. Sheer heels also give your outfit a touch of modern and elegant aesthetic which looks chic and ravishing. They pair well with silky dresses, summer skirts, trousers, and even jeans.

Styling transparent heels is without a doubt fun with their versatile nature and variety at London Rag. The best part of clear heels is that they can be dressed up as well as down, they can be statement heels as well, especially the embellished ones. Our array has clear open toe shoes, transparent block heels, clear heel pumps, sheer heels, and more clear heel designs and all can be paired with any outfit you pick. The printed sandals with the clear heels are perfect for this summer, while the clear pumps with diamante embellishment would blend well beautifully with work wear as well as any ensemble you put on for a fancy occasion be it a cocktail dress, a jumpsuit, or a mini dress for a touch of playfulness.

There are also varied clear heels that we offer from clear heels to PVC heels with a clear upper and sheer printed upper, diamante embellished heels that give you that bling oomph, and high heel stilettos that almost look invisible. A good pair of transparent heels goes a long way with their easy-to-style nature. They may be a modern element but are still quite ageless in terms of fashion and make any and every outfit look fashionable. So, embrace the crystal clear chic trends with us! Below are some of our personal favorites from our clear heels section. For more, head to!