Exploring the Trend: Olive Oil As A Coffee Additive

Exploring the Trend Olive Oil As A Coffee Additive

This one’s for all the stressed, blessed, and coffee obsessed. Now, this topic of discussion has received some controversial opinions which have led us to explore more on the trend. The real tea (or coffee lmao) started when Starbucks in Milan came out with Oleato. Oleato is coffee with… olive oil. Yep. That’s right, a coffee blend with olive oil as an additive has been taking over the internet for quite a while and Starbucks has caught on to the trend. Italy is famously known for its decadent olive oil manufacturing and this Mediterranean take is quite up their alley. It’s said to give the coffee a rich, lush, creamy, and flavorful tendency which is said to be delicious.


Image Credits: Starbucks

The Oleato coffee line came about in Milan on February 22nd of 2023 and has gotten some mixed reviews. While some say the olive oil enriches the taste, others have mentioned that it leaves an uncomfortable layer of oil in the mouth which is unpleasant. The coffee is said to be infused with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Howard Shultz, Starbucks’ interim chief executive officer, said in a statement provided to Food & Wine, “Oleato represents the next revolution in coffee that brings together an alchemy of nature’s finest ingredients.” The trend definitely pays tribute to the Italian culture with the olive oil additive.


A walk down memory lane, people swore by adding fats such as ghee and butter in their coffees. While this received some controversial opinions, some facts were also laid down about how much fat one should consume in their coffee. Then there was the orange juice additive trend which had the netizens in a chokehold with its bizarre combination. We also have the Irish coffee which has now been accepted, and dare we say many enjoy it! The Vietnamese coffee trend with the added egg raised some eyebrows but many dared to try it. The trends have been intriguing, some shocking, and some absolutely enjoyable. And now, the olive oil trend sure has created a curious buzz, and Starbucks without a doubt picked up on it.

However, there are some things to be noted if you’re thinking of DIY-ing this food pairing. Olive oil infused with herbs and aromatics definitely elevates the flavor of the beverage and complements it well. It may seem odd, but many swear by fat additives in their coffee. Coming to olive oil, the additive is a high-fat food and has about 120 calories in one tablespoon. Taking into account how much coffee one consumes, the infusion of olive oil for every, say four mugs of coffee, could very well be harmful to health. There are some health benefits to this food pairing if taken in moderate amounts. Coffee and olive oil, individually have their own health benefits, however together, there is no scientific evidence of the infusion being more effective or so. For now, the combo has just a rich taste factor and is convenient as it gives you the ideal olive oil dose if you don’t have any other way.

Now, rumor has it that Starbucks will be bringing the Oleato across the globe, and we are honestly looking forward to it!