Famous Lesbian Moms With Remarkable Style!

Famous Lesbian Moms With Remarkable Style!

Let's be honest, everyone is aware that most trending styles were first worn and seen in LGBTQ spaces. Right from leather jackets as fashion accessories to mesh shirts in teenage fashion. Queer people are pioneers of the arts and especially fashion. It may have gotten common and more acceptable to wear androgynous clothing, however, these icons have been challenging the gender norms and using their influence to normalize homosexuality since the 80s.
There are quite a few celebrity lesbian mothers who have either adopted, given birth to or have kids from their wives; what all of this shows us is this no matter how people are related, humans have the tendency to care for children.
For example, Jane Lynch before ending her relationship with her ex-wife, was a stepmother to Lara Embry’s kids and talked about how motherhood came naturally around Embry’s kids. In such unconventional cases, we often find that love is what binds families together.

1. Melissa Etheridge
American singer-songwriter and two-time Grammy winner, Melissa Etheridge is a mother to four kids and a total rockstar. Right her music style and fashion, are rebellious and bold. We often see her in leather statement jackets with country and boho elements. Country influence is always seen in her music and fashion styles as she is also often spotted in denim as well. Another classic jean style she is seen in is bootcut jeans or straight-cut ones. We’re assuming it's because it makes performing more free and comfortable. As for accessories, just as edgy as her, but also simple for performance purposes. As a lesbian mom in the spotlight, it becomes tough to remain authentic to her true ideas, but Etheridge maintains supportive boundaries and transparency from the public.


2. Wanda Skyes
The legendary comic paved pathways for not just women but non-white queer women in comedy. As a recognized Hollywood comedian, she has also used her influence to talk about being queer and a mom multiple times in media. Her style often includes wearing white tailored suits and her natural hair. Wearing natural hair as a black woman is also a simple and effective stance in the predominantly white industry. She has the look of every Hollywood professional and includes at least one structured piece in her entire look. It is either a pair of earrings or a denim jacket. The essence of having a personal style in an industry where trends dictate relevance helps Sykes stand out more effectively. Similarly, if you see every fashion icon is someone who always includes a personal edge in their outfits.


3. Cynthia Nixon
Most recognized as Miranda Hobbes from Sex And The City series and movies franchise, AKA the character that deserved more than a house in Brooklyn and Steve. Her style in the original show is still talked about as the stylist's way of queer-coding Nixon’s character. And we still believe her fashion in season 1 and 2 were exceptionally good. The oversized 90s suits and her overall relaxed approach to life were evident in her style both on and off the screen. Her personal style also includes a touch of bohemian elements and earth tones as her base color palette, which explains why she looks like natural red hair despite being blonde naturally. These bohemian elements are seen more in the Sex And The City movies and the reboot show And Just Like That. We won't forgive them for badly writing Miranda’s life but the outfits still preserved her original essence.


4. Linda Perry
One of the greatest American singers and songwriters of the 21st century, Perry is known for her eclectic rock and roll style in both the music she makes and her personal style. Perry is one of those rare artists who are powerful and assertive of who they are and are not afraid to be vulnerable through their art. She is known for her unconventional style which may not be typically glamorous but could be looked up to as one of the OG rockstar fashion icons. If your style gravitates towards vintage rockstar style and are not a fan of the current trendy outfit inspirations, we highly suggest looking up to rockstars like Perry who have mastered and owned this style for decades!


5. Jodie Foster
As someone who became acquainted with the spotlight at a very young age, and went through multiple characters in a short time which involved endless dress fittings, staying comfortable during your time off is important. As for Foster who always gravitated towards timeless and classic pieces and it’s safe to say that her style has not evolved much since she was in her 20s. With neutral palettes and simple silhouettes, Foster keeps it simple with her approach to style. The key takeaway from her style is her choice of comfortable fabrics, which also don't require extensive care and can be opted for casual streetwear as well.